Another Sad LGBTQ Military Story

Posted June 2nd, 2019 by Iron Mike

The Air Force has investigated one of their rising stars – BrigGen Brenda Cartier, – who flies the MC-130J Commando II aircraft, – and was recently promoted and assigned to be Director of Operations at AFSOC HQ at Hurlburt Field, Florida.

It seems that 2 years ago while a Colonel at Kirkland AFB in New Mexico, she falsified some flight hours, – allowing her to collect an extra month of flight pay ($250) over her monthly base pay of $7,520 ($90,240 / year).  Then she lied about it.  WHY?

FIRST:  Not everybody in a military uniform is totally honorable, and medals and badges are not an absolute indicator.  I knew dozens of phonies in my time…

SECOND:  The pyramid does get smaller the higher you rise,  and for a gay female pilot the pressure to be “as good or even better” than her male peer group must have been enormous.

THIRD:  By the time she was fudging flight logs, – she’d likely received so much preferential treatment (aka AA/EEO) that she assumed she’d never be questioned. 

But somebody dropped a dime….

In addition to her falsifying her record, and receiving money as a result,…she was ALSO formally counseled (career killer) for failing to treat subordinates at Kirkland with respect and dignity, – creating a ‘toxic command environment’.  Ouch!

We can not be sure writing this post that being an openly lesbian officer played any role in Colonel Cartier’s poor decision making or abrasive behavior…

But one thing is for sure;  – if there were signs of trouble ahead with Cartier during those 8 Obama years,  – nobody in her chain of command was going to go against the Obama-LGBTQ agenda.

There are more problem children deeply embedded in the system! 

4 Responses to “Another Sad LGBTQ Military Story”

  1. panther 6

    Well well, another AF LGBTQ type bites the dust. You know there was a day when all they wanted was equality and the same benefits as married folks (married according to the 5000 year old definition of same.) Once they got that they just kept pushing their agenda that their lifestyle is correct and should be adopted by all.and they eventually got rid of common unions, etc and got MARRIAGE

    The AF has been a leader in this diversity arena. Remember when maybe 10 months ago the Commandant of Cadets at the AF Academy took her position as a Brigadier and had her WIFE with her. Now she also has been relieved of duty for unspecified reasons. That incident has been hushed up but she is also out of the AF mainstream.

    They were all better off under DA/DT – you remember don’t ask, don’t tell,,,right?

  2. Kojack

    Agree with Panther 110%! There are a lot of decent gays out there who don’t push it in your face with gay pride parades, etc. Guy Benson, Tammy Bruce and Richard Grenell, PRESIDENT TRUMP’S ambassador to Germany, come to mind but IT IS NOT NORMAL TO BE GAY and that is what they are trying to do, NORMALIZE IT. DA/DT was unacceptable to them because they want to shout it from the roof-tops.

  3. Pilot 235

    I was in the AF in the 80s and 90s and there were gay active duty folks in at that time. Absolutely no one cared if they performed their job well. Fast forward to my deployment to Kandahar a few years ago with the reserves and things were crazy. I had to council one of my troops for talking about what type of sexual escapades he had with his girlfriend in the duty section however, there was an openly bisexual male troop talking the same type of talk but about his homosexual relationship and I was told to leave it alone. Common sense dictated that both airmen should have been disciplined but as the others stated above, normalization of LGBTQ took precedence over common sense even in a war zone. Personally, don’t care if someone wants to be gay or whatever but keep it to yourself!

  4. Pilot 235

    Oh yeah…one more thing…that chick is fugly!