Another Perspective On John Lewis

Posted January 17th, 2017 by Iron Mike

It seems some people wake up,  – others never do.

The media is unlikely to discuss this interview much….but you should listen (just 5 minutes) – and be refreshed!

Back in the late 60s and early 70s, the Black Panthers broke upon the American scene as a serious force to be reckoned with.

They were beyond militant, well organized, totally committed, and often scary.  If they’d had more articulate spokesmen,….they would have made a more lasting impact.

Here one of their veterans – Clarence Mason Weaver,  – appears on the Tucker Carlson program,  and tells the ugly truth about Democrats and RACE.

4 Responses to “Another Perspective On John Lewis”

  1. Panther 6

    I listened to Mr. Weaver last night on the Tucker Carlson program. He told it like it is and pulled no punches. Rep Lewis is a total disgrace and his district has been gerrymandered to keep him in office. The Buckhead section of Atlanta is pretty nice, better even than pretty nice, it is great. The rest of the Congressman’s district starting with East Point are ghetto disasters. I was married at Fort McPherson in 1963 and at that time East Point was a decent place to live. Later it began a slow but steady decline under demorat rule in Atlanta. My wife’s parents got so discouraged that they moved to Columbus GA to escape the blight.

  2. Sherox

    A man who says it like it is.

  3. Kojack

    I also saw Mr. Weaver last night….OUTSTANDING and RARE! No nonsense just the painful truth about the DEVOLVING civil rights movement.

  4. Blossom Stiefel

    It’s a free country, and the members of Congress that are planning to boycott President-elect Trump’s inauguration are withing their rights. Representative Lewis said that Trump’s presidency is “illegitimate”. This does no good for the country or for our transfer of power. This Representative Lewis didn’t attend President George W. Bush’s inauguration in 2001. Could it be that some of our elected members of Congress refuse to accept Republican presidencies? Maybe they are not committed to our democratic process unless they win.

    Not a single Republican member of Congress boycotted either of President Obama’s inaugurations, and many of us were very upset, concerned, worried, terrified of Obama’s policies and how he would govern.

    We can look back at Obama’s 8 years as the end of an error–for the country and for the world. Thank G-d it will soon come to an end. We need to give our President Trump a chance, I believe that he will be a great president. We are blessed to have him.