Another Pelosi Toady Calling It Quits

Posted November 18th, 2021 by Iron Mike

George K. Butterfield is a lifelong Democrap, – has represented North Carolina’s 1st CD since 2004.  He ‘identifies’ as a Black man, – is a member of the CBC.  Pelosi is losing an ally.
George was a judge before being elected to Congress.  We have to wonder if he’s grown tired of the Politics of Perpetual Racism…?

MLK famously said he wanted his children to be judged – – on the content of their CHARACTER,  – not their skin color. 

We wonder how Butterfield wants his daughters judged?

Back in early 2016,  Butterfield was shilling for Her Majesty – the Abortion Queen of America.   

Now that he’s 74 years old, – with three grown daughters,  – we wonder if he regrets any of his political decisions and votes?

George, don’t wait around playing Stepin Fetchit to Pelosi for another 13 months.

Go home now,  – while you can still afford the gasoline for the trip.

Enjoy your grandchildren – if any of them survive Planned Parenthood….

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