Another Obama Cornerstone Crumbles

Posted April 21st, 2015 by Iron Mike

Bad news for Hillary!  Remember Obama’s speech in Cairo?  Remember his plan to topple all the heads of Arab government across North Africa and the Middle East,  – replacing them with his Muslim Brotherhood buddies?
Remember when Mohammed Morsi hijacked the “Arab Spring” movement in Egypt and seized power?
Mohammed Morsi gets 20 years

Well, he didn’t last long…. 

Fleeting Glory  Morsi Arrested

After just one year the Egyptian People and the Army rose up and toppled him,…

…but not before two (2) unscrupulous US Secretaries of State had come to Cairo sucking up to him.

That didn’t help our image in the so-called Arab Street.

But by then, Obama had pretty much obliterated our image anyway.

So what level of genius would you ascribe to Obama, – to Hillary, – and to Kerry?

If you are a foreign head of state today, – how much do you want to trust your future to their word…?

Think that maybe Obama and Hillary will be sending their buddy Morsi cookies while he’s in prison?

During his brief year in power, – how much Egyptian money do you supposed Morsi was arm-twisted for – to send to the “Clinton World Imitative”???

2 Responses to “Another Obama Cornerstone Crumbles”

  1. Walter Knight

    He should have been hung, but 20 years is a start.

  2. kojack

    Morsi: “Of course I’ll endorse sHillary. Us dictators have to stick together.”