Another Night Of Looting In Chicago!

Posted August 10th, 2020 by Iron Mike

And THIS is why you people in Chicago can never have nice things!  You just can’t behave!


Folks,  don’t fall for the left-wing bullshit!   All of this has NOTHING to do with “Race” or “Black Lives”.   NOTHING!

It has everything to do with the deliberate destruction of the Black Family by the Democrat Party – led in the 1960s by LBJ and his “Great Society”.

The ONLY way Democrats could be assured of winning elections was to have large inner-city voter plantations filled with welfare-dependent Black voting SLAVES.

…and the only way to be sure they stayed there – helpless to move out,  – was to remove the Fathers from the Families.

It’s not RACE – it’s CULTURE!


10:00 Monday 10 Aug – It seems Mayor Lightfoot has had her wake-up call.  She even calls out the area judges to be tough.

Video begins with Police Superintendent David Brown….

5 Responses to “Another Night Of Looting In Chicago!”

  1. Walter Knight

    Did some shout “free stuff” in Mayor Lightfoot’s Freak Show?

  2. varvara

    Why is this mayor still in office?

    Chicago is a Democrat town – i.e. thoroughly corrupt. The LAST Republican mayor was Big Bill Thompson – who left office in 1931…

    Big Bill

  3. Walter Knight

    Mayor Lightfoot just assured us that 300 people murdered in Chicago this year will still be able to vote in November.

  4. panther 6

    It is the ghetto mentality based on oppression that entitles them to free stuff, even stuff behind locked doors. At least the chief of police seems to have his head screwed on right. Thank heavens for that. Mayor Lightfoot is worthless,,,,I doubt she can recover but I could be wrong.

  5. Kojack

    Burn Loot & Murder thinks of looting kinda like an EBT card, an entitled form of reparations.

    If Biden wins on 11/03, what we’re seeing Portland, Seattle and is a glimpse into what the whole country will look like. Don’t BS yourself into thinking your safe in the suburbs either because when the BLM has run it’s course in the big cities they will branch out into the smaller ones.