Another New Year Surrounded By Enemies

Posted January 1st, 2022 by Iron Mike

With the Dementia Patient at the helm,   and an actual whore waiting to take his place,  our Young Republic is in the midst of our most dangerous days since August 14th 1814,  – the day the British Army burned the White House.

Surviving 2022,  – until the new Congress is sworn in on Monday,  2 Jan 2023,  – will take a LOT of prayer from all of you!

For these past 49 weeks our Chinese Puppet pResident and his entourage of handlers have done their best to undo every patriotic pro-America policy put in place by Trump – starting at the Rio Grande.

They hate the United States.   It’s really just that simple.  And they see EVERY PROBLEM and EVERY ISSUE in terms of R-A-C-E.

For all of recorded history,  kings and emperors have held onto power by pitting group-against-group,  tribe-against-tribe,  clan-against-clan.   Stalin,  Hitler,  and Mao mastered the scheme – each killing millions.

America’s Democrap Party (21st Century communists) are doing the same thing.

Don’t think so?  Explain the daily and nightly gang murders in EVERY Democrap-run big city….  Even as they wring their hands and blame “guns”.

Their Soros-funded DA’s let the goons loose on little or no bail,  – and the goons often kill again – within HOURS.  Then Democraps blame GUNS – again The hypocrisy couldn’t be layered any thicker!

Under the pretext of COVID vaccinations – the Biden Cartel has been discharging hundreds of combat-seasoned US Marines – and sailors.   If not stopped by the Courts – and QUICKLY,  – our Navy will be unable to safely man ships,  and Army units will be undeployable.

This is to ensure that the US Military cannot intervene in any Chinese attempt to invade Taiwan,  – and any Russian attempt to grab the Donbas.

Weakness begets aggression and bullying;  and we are being weakened at an astonishing rate.  Biden’s pullout from Afghanistan was just the first step.

You Americans who consider yourselves “Patriots” cannot sit idly by during this mid-term election year.

YOU MUST GET ACTIVELY INVOLVED,   or you will likely watch your nation fall into civil war in 2023 and 2024….

Find candidates for office at EVERY level – people who both understand our Constitution,  – and who will FIGHT to uphold it.

Help them campaign.  Get involved with your election boards.


You should be expecting the Democraps to cheat.   It’s all they really know how to do well.   Be there in numbers sufficient to keep them ‘honest’.

If we can’t take both houses of Congress – with a RiNO-proof majority,  our Constitutional Republic will be meticulously disassembled,  – right before your eyes.

…against all enemies,  foreign and domestic

Then – since ballots will have failed, – your only recourse will be bullets.

You have 10 months America.   Use your time wisely!

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