Another Media Blackout?

Posted August 14th, 2013 by Iron Mike

A senseless sidewalk murder in Memphis – a nurse targeted at random – 3 youths in custody, arrested just 13 minutes later. They’ve confessedWhere are Ben Jealous and Jesse Jackson?
Murder in Memphis
Oh, I forgot, – Jesse’s son is being sentenced to federal prison today. You all remember Memphis,…the city where on April 4th – 45 years ago – MLK Jr was assassinated?

Hey Obama, – IF you had another son, – would he look like Dondre or Mario?

Dondre was arrested just 4 months ago for criminal trespass. Mario has several bookings, including for unlawful possession of a weapon.

QUESTION: Had Obama been a different kind of president, – if he had really focused his energy and time on improving the lives of America’s blacks instead of throwing more welfare at them, – would these young people have been so willing to commit so brazen a crime?

Or has the sense of betrayal within the Black Community left such a searing scar on young blacks that mindless violence seems like their only outlet?

Jesse Jr and Wife to Prison

UPDATE: Jesse Jr [in Congress from ’95 – ‘2012] got 30 months in federal prison for stealing $750,000 – using campaign donations for his extravagant personal use. Claiming to be bi-polar didn’t cut it.  Wife Sandi got 12 months.


2 Responses to “Another Media Blackout?”

  1. Walter Knight

    Another problem specific to Memphis not getting much press is the breakdown of the criminal justice system caused by the refusal of black juries to convict black defendants, forcing ridiculous plea bargaining.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Memphis crimes appearently don’t fit the agenda.