Another MassHole Democrat In Cuffs!

Posted February 18th, 2020 by Iron Mike

The FEDS arrested one of Charlie FAKER’S favorite politicians this morning,  – causing us to ask why wasn’t it Maura Healey pinching the crooked Democrat?
The answer is simple:  No Democrat AG will E-V-E-R turn against another Democrat in this state, – unless his name is Tim Cahill…

The FEDS tend to go after these crooks using the weakest link to break up the chain.  Who will Nangle be selling out to stay out of Danbury?

Let’s see if Nangle lives to stand trial,  – or if he “commits suicide” as did former MassHole Senator Brian Joyce in Sept 2018.   

That was another case where the FEDS had to root out the corruption that Healey couldn’t be bothered with.

One Response to “Another MassHole Democrat In Cuffs!”

  1. Blossom Stiefel

    The Beacon Hill corrupt “gang”, AG Maura Healey, DA Rachael Rollins, Mayor Marty Walsh, and our own Governor Baker don’t uncover any real crimes, they focus in on making the lives of law-abiding citizens harder every day. More taxation, more rules and regulations, climate change nonsense, more “rights” for illegal immigrants.

    State Representative David Nangle is a big disappointment for the people of Massachusetts. His corruption should have come to light years ago.