Another Innocent Trayvon? Hardly!

Posted August 4th, 2013 by Iron Mike

As Nanny Bloomberg worried about big gulp soda ruining his health, 14-year old Shaaliver Douse of the Moris II projects was hunting down rivals in the Bronx.
Shaaliver Douse Hellbound
He was charged back in May with shooting a 15 year old. Those charges were dropped – by an overworked DA in the shadow of the Zimmerman trial.

So Shaaliver got himself another gun, and went back to shooting gang rivals. Two NY City cops show uphe points his gun at them.  Miranda warning became unnecessary. Where are Sharpton and Ben Jealous?  Nanny Bloomberg where are your priorities?

We can only wonder how many lives those cops just saved!

9 Responses to “Another Innocent Trayvon? Hardly!”

  1. haddanuff

    And, will we hear Obama: “If I had a son he would look like Shaalivers.” ? I think not, but the rest of us will be thinking it.

  2. Tom

    Will the lame stream media be all over this? Will the race baiters scream police brutality and will the two officers be suspended? The Black Caucus is on their Summer break, so we will probably not hear from them with the possible exception of the usual suspects. Never let a crisis go to waste!

  3. Walter Knight

    Already a complaint was made that the police should have just shot Shalliver in the leg. It’s amazing how much the enemy hates us.

  4. Casey Chapman

    And—if it were reversed—-that is to say, if the perp were white and the 2 cops black——not a peep would have been heard. In fact, the main stream media wouldn’t have bothered to cover it at all!

  5. Removed

    Comment removed per request of commenter’s mother….

  6. haddanuff

    the point? how our racist fraud in chief uses one (1) situation to spread his vile racism, but does nothing to stop the inner city violence killings of BLACK on BLACK. By the way, seen the unemployment rate for black teens? Ya gotta love this president’s focus on jobs, which, of course, could only help to reduce crime, and even perhaps, the shootings. Let’ go grab some guns from law abiding white people now Ian. That oughta be something you support!

  7. haddanuff

    As to the post removed by the poster’s mother, for which my last post was a response, take heart. I was exactly that same child, and, upon gaining knowledge and life experiences, now surpass my father in my conservative convictions. It took decades to see the light, and we had the luxury of not having someone as dangerous as Obama and the current regime, so no consolation there, but the child will one day wake up to the real world, and eat their words.

  8. Julie

    They also have two facebook pages for this kid. One is called, “Justice for Shalliver Douse”, and the other is “R.I.P. Shalliver Douse.”

  9. Julie

    The reason that these kids think that they can do whatever they want to and not be held accountable is because they are black. They learn this from their role model, Barack Hussein Obama. Obama demonstrates this by the way he does whatever he wants to and is NEVER held accountable. The reason Obama was elected was because he is black and the reason he is never held accountable for anything and is never impeached is ALSO because he is black. It would be racist to impeach the very first black president and if that would happen, there would be a race war like no other, so they allow him to do whatever he wants because everyone nowadays seems to be afraid of being called, “racist” Its pretty sad, isn’t it. Eric Holder and Obama are both very evil.


    And THAT is a pretty crisp and concise summation Julie. Sad isn’t it, that so many Americans are so cowed by the facts and afraid to speak the truth…? Thanks for clicking in and your comments!