Another Illegal Guaman Brother Strikes!

Posted February 19th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Does Governor Patrick STILL think ‘profiling’ is the issue?

Two brothers from Equator – both here ILLEGALLY. Both with PRIOR ARRESTS – NOT reported to ICE.

Older brother Nicholas driving drunk and without a license – runs over, drags, and kills Matt Denice – just WEEKS after Governor Patrick stood in Milford and said Secure Communities was bad because ‘it profiles people of color’.

How about it profiles people who COMMIT CRIMES?

Now younger brother Davidalso with prior arrests – has stabbed somebody – also in Milford.

You do understand that YOU are paying for their attorneys, – right?

Governor Patrick’s phone number is:
617   725-4005   or   888   870-7770

Tell him the Guaman brothers FIT the PROFILE!

They’re here ILLEGALLY, – and they COMMIT VIOLENT CRIMES! You know – drunk driving – like LtGov Tiny Tim Murray.

Remind him that last July we citizens warned him these kinds of crimes are being committed by illegals all the time, and we want them gone!

The problem is that Deval and Obama are willing to let you live with this level of violent crime – hoping to turn 13,000,000 illegals – mostly from Mexico and Latin American countries – into voting Democrats!  Makes sense, they’re trained socialists when they get here!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Yes, that’s me in the red shirt last July. Duh-val didn’t like my sign. I don’t like his decisions or his policies.

3 Responses to “Another Illegal Guaman Brother Strikes!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    A reprieve of the old TV series “All in the family” only this time it is not a comedy, but a tragedy brought to you by the friend and protector of illegal alien criminals, Governor Duval Patrick and Public Safety Commissioner Mary Beth Heffernan. Thank you much for protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth.

  2. Timothy Roesch

    Excellent point!

  3. Timothy Roesch

    I called both numbers and asked the persons who answered why they are supporting the govenor by working for him. I was told, by both, that, in essence, I should not be talking to them but to the Govenor. I responded by telling them the Governor doesn’t want to speak to the citizens of MA.
    I was hung up on.

    Go get ’em!