Another Horrific School Massacre

Posted February 14th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The left-wing gun-grabbers will be giddy; –  they’ve got 17 fresh corpses,  – and this shooter used an AR-15 style rifle.   The gunman’s recent violent history and mental condition, – and his fascination with Islam – will be ignored.

19 years since Klebold and Harris shot up Columbine,  – and STILL schools are gun-free shooting galleries – just waiting for the next sicko to show up.

Now begins the criminal justice circus, even as Democraps begin anew their ranting about “too many guns” and “too easy to get” – even before we know the facts.

4 Responses to “Another Horrific School Massacre”

  1. Kojack

    Teachers and school admin who are qualified and responsible should be allowed and encouraged to carry side-arms but you say Mike, lib-TURDs WILL INSIST ON CONTINUING THE SAME GUN-FREE SUICIDAL POLICIES.

    May God help the families of the victims to get thru this dreadful time.

    Hopefully this POS will get the death penalty after they extract anything that might prove useful in predicting and hopefully preventing future incidents like this.

  2. Catherine

    Antifa member. Registered dhimmicrat. CAIR supporter. fb follower of groups like latinno muslims, freedom for gaza, blm, a bunch of FASCIST “refuse fascism” groups, and more.

    Q warned us to watch for false flag events. Wanna bet this low-life idiot thug was egged on (and provided with the tools needed) to pull of this horrific crime?

    If ONLY even ONE teacher had been armed, SO much death could have been avoided. “Gun-free zones” just mean “NO ONE CAN STOP ME, HERE!” to violent killers.

    More info at

  3. LibertyMom

    I think the shooter could be a patsy. He and his profile all in a nice package with a bow. Too easy. I am not so sure he shot that many students by himself if any at all. Listen to this local news reporter:

    There was a drill in the am and a shooting drill 6 wks earlier. I think some of the ready photos , kids calmly walking out (?!) in lines with hands on the shoulders of the person in front?!
    interview of teacher. she mentions shootwr drill 6 wks earlier:

    Less than 5 miles from my sister btw. I hate seeing all of these innocent people terrorized, murdered and injured. There is a liveleak video with teens down and blood. very disturbing.

  4. Catherine

    Remember that “false flag” does NOT mean “fake.” It means instigated, ON PURPOSE, for a reason. Distraction, obfuscation, agenda-pushing (gun control), etc.