Another Gun Company Moves South

Posted September 30th, 2021 by Iron Mike

The anti-gun lobby and the fear mongers who call ARs “military-style assault rifles” are probably feeling a victory.  Little do they understand….

If you believe that strict anti-gun laws will make your town or your state safer,  – just ask Chicago’s (openly lesbian) Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

She’s lost count of the bodies.  Even the cops there turned their backs to her….

As soon as the Maryville plant is up and running – what little manufacturing remains in Springfield will be relocated. What will be left will be another sprawling empty industrial building waiting patiently for some fool to try making it work for them.

Eventually the City of Springfield will be forced to claim it,  – and turn it into either homeless housing or a drug addiction center.

And Patriots from New England will drive to Tennessee to buy their new AR-15s.

Odd how liberals across the land are OUTRAGED at the Texas Heartbeat Law.   They INSIST it is every woman’s RIGHT to kill her baby – up to the moments of birth….

BUT they’re equally OUTRAGED that you might want to defend your home – or your God-given Rights – with an AR-15.

“Just dial 911” they say,  – as they’re defunding the police, – and allowing hoards of undocumented migrants to swarm across our Southern Border.

Do you sense a drift toward a second civil war?   Ammo UP!

2 Responses to “Another Gun Company Moves South”

  1. Panther 6

    The Mass Hole politicians who create the climate for business that requires moves like this don’t really care about the folks they are elected to govern. The lads and lasses in TN will welcome S&W. Hope S&W is going to help some of their employees relocate to TN, a very nice state by the way. Once again the anti gun folks are celebrating but I doubt for long.

  2. Kojack

    It’s about damn time. This state sucks. Now Kimber has to move out of Yonkers, NY. Magpull left Colorado a few years ago because too many MASSHOLES and CALHOLES fucked it up.