Another Green Jobs Obama Bankruptcy

Posted September 1st, 2011 by Iron Mike
May 2010 : $535 Million stimulus

Solyndra bites the dust!


$535 Million US Green-Jobs Stimulus $$$ somewhere on it’s corpse.

Obama flew Air Force One to Freemont, Calif in May 2010. Big plant visit and photo-op.

   Today?   Chapter 11.  1,100 to be LAID OFF!

If there is ~ any ~ justice, Oklahoma billionaire and 2008 Obama cash bundler George Kaiser will be a big loser.  Unless ~ just maybe ~ he’s gotten his money back from that Stimulus?

Rest assured; Obama will still be talking about ‘green jobs‘ when he finally makes his ‘historic jobs address‘ to the nation. Which is the next factory lined up for an Obama kiss-of-death plant visit?

Who should spend more time in federal prison – Obama or his speech writers? 

Will socialists ~ ever ~ learn that government cannot pick winners in a free economy?

3 Responses to “Another Green Jobs Obama Bankruptcy”

  1. Flick

    B. HUSSEIN Obama visited a 30 employee steel machining business in Allentown, the hometown of Mr. & Mrs. rr (and mine) early in his reign. He was of course prematurely touting the success of his plans to help small businesses succeed. Ironically (?) it closed early this year, another kiss of death.

    If he’s coming to your town, beware…

  2. Karen G

    If I never see Obummer give one more speech from that electric car battery plant in Michigan (paid for with hundreds of millions of our stimulus cash) I’ll be a happy camper.

    Let’s hope he didn’t cast the kiss of death on Nancy’s Restaurant in Oak Bluffs after he ate there last week, they have some of the best fried clams in New England…

  3. Flick

    I was just passed by 2 HYUNDAI ELANTRA sedans sporting blue US Government license plates doing probably 80 mph on I78 near Allentown, PA!!!

    1. Why are they not CHEVY VOLTS?

    2. Why are they disrespecting the posted 55 mph state posted speed limit?

    3. Where would I report their violations?



    to the US Attorney for Eastern Pennsylvania (215) 861-8200

    United States Attorney’s Office
    ATTN: Zane David Memeger
    ATTN: Richard Barrett – Corruption Div
    615 Chestnut Street
    Suite 1250
    Philadelphia, PA 19106