Another Football Wife Murdered

Posted November 5th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Keri “KC” McClanahan – 28 – a divorced mother of two,  – married Anthony McClanahan,  – a washed-up football player in January.   It didn’t go well;  – she fled their Arizona home several times, – and in October he was arrested for kidnapping his own son from school….
On Thursday police were called to the scene of ‘a disturbance’ in Park City, Utah,  – where KC was found dead in bed with “knife wounds” to her neck.  Funny thing about Utah Anthony….

.Utah still has the Death Penalty!

Of course Anthony will blame his behavior on ‘head injuries’….

As we did back in June 1994,  – we question again why certain beautiful women are attracted – fatally attracted – to angry washed-up athletes.

We question why they don’t flee at the first signs of instability and violence.  Do they really think ‘their love’ can soothe a savage beast…?

Utah still uses the Firing Squad to execute murderers….

As I look into the beautiful eyes of KC,  – I just know that somewhere in the past 10 years of her young life there was a shy,  quiet,  gentle young man who would have cherished every waking moment with her,  – never hurt her,  – never cheated on her,  – and who would have worked his ass off to make her safe and happy.

Ladies, – don’t go for the ‘glamor’;   – go for the substance!

8 Responses to “Another Football Wife Murdered”

  1. Joe Ureneck

    A father can not ‘kidnap’ his own son.

  2. Kojack


    As a divorced father I can tell with authority that if the mother has physical custody or even joint custody and a father grabs his kids WHEN IT IS NOT HIS DESIGNATED VISITATION, THAT IS ABDUCTION. That’s what it is and that’s how the court sees it (UNLESS YOUR NAME IS CLINTON OR OBAMA) whether you like or not.

    Just like with child support, the court doesn’t care (and it shouldn’t) if the non-custodial parent is living under a bridge, those support payments have to be made.

    Try not to let your disappointment with the Antifa fizzle cloud your bad judgement.

  3. SpecialSnowflake

    Are you calling this murderer a savage beast because he murdered his wife—despicable enough—or because he’s an African-American athlete? You also seem to think concussions aren’t real; is my assumption correct?

  4. Walter Knight

    Volunteers from police ranks are asked to participate in the firing squad. One rifleman has a blank. Shooters are asked to aim for the heart. Bullets hitting a knee or testicles would give credibility to arguments of cruel and unusual punishment. So far, no one has done a knee shot, but I would be tempted. Death is instant and humane.

  5. Catherine

    “Special Snowflake” again proves that he is an idiot.

    A savage beast MURDERS another person – especially one physically weaker – with multiple knife wounds and specifically a cut throat. THAT is the action of a savage.

    Concussion – yeah, it’s real. So what? It tends to bring on physical decay (think Cassius Clay), memory and cognitive problems, and sometimes anger. However, giving IN to the anger is still the mark of a savage. Additionally, one who refuses to admit cumulative injury has done damage – so we have to add pride and arrogance into the mix. Still savage.

    The external wrapping has NOTHING to do with ANY of the above. Which, were you not an idiot AND a racist, you would know.

  6. Iron Mike

    Catherine, I have to think “Special Snowflake” is some sort of prancing fairy. He clicks in almost every day – sometimes 3 and 4 times a day – from Acton, the south shore, Vermont, Bermuda, Arlington and Cambridge….

    He can’t seem to stay away – but hasn’t the time or courage to write his own left-wing fairy blog.

    I’m sure as we’re nearing the 1-year anniversary of Hillary’s defeat, – he’ll be in an emotional crisis. I thought for sure by now he’d have moved to Canada or Denmark; but that would mean facing the real world….and leaving his pet unicorns behind…

  7. Panther 6

    Iron Mike; Well said ref Snowflake. This murder is another example of the “thugery” rampant in the NFL. Snowflake might be onto something ref concussions if even 5% of the NFL players with concussions killed someone. This is out and out thugery and murder. Killed in her bed? This guy planned it and was angry not sick.

  8. Iron Mike

    Yes Sir. It occurs to me that while they were ‘going together’ things were fine; – but faced with the real responsibility of marriage – and providing a living, – this washed-up jockstrap may have had difficulty ‘getting it up’ – and was embarrassed.

    Beyond any football concussions, – gotta wonder how many HGHs and steroids he’d taken over the span of his athletic career….