Another Florida School Shooting….

Posted April 21st, 2018 by Iron Mike

.one with a much different and much better ending!

You readers will have to spread the word of what happened,  – because this story goes against the Media’s “assault weapons” narrative.

Sky Bouche – a 19 year old dropout from Forest High – entered the school Friday carrying a guitar case,  and as classes began and the halls emptied,  – he went to a men’s room and assembled his shotgun and put on a vest…..

.and ended up firing one shot through a classroom door – wounding a student in the ankle….

Then,  per his jailhouse interview the sight of a crying girl overcame him and he dropped the shotgun….

.as Deputy Jim Long arrived to cuff him….less than 3 minutes from his first shot.

It’s a HUGE school,  – full hero credit to Jim Long!  He wasn’t waiting for ‘backup’!

If you watch this 9-minute jailhouse interview,  – it seems obvious that Bouche (who wanted to join the Marines but has a drug history) did a lot of planning for his crime spree,  – starting with buying a vintage shotgun.

It also sounds to me as if he’s rehearsed some key lines about a family history of mental illness.   Was he planning to be sent to a mental hospital instead of prison?

I’m left to wonder,…if he hadn’t been able to buy the shotgun (private sale),  – what was his back-up plan…? 

Anybody think society is safe from this twisted turd?

LESSONS:  There are evil twisted people everywhere….be ready to deal with them.

This school had a plan of reacting to a CODE RED – locking doors and piling up desks. Armed teachers would have been even better.

The GOOD GUY with a GUN arrived quickly,…and it was OVER!


Does your school have a PLAN?

Does your school have fortified classroom doors?

Does your school have ARMED GUARDS?

Are some of your TEACHERS ARMED?

5 Responses to “Another Florida School Shooting….”

  1. integrity 1st

    When did this happen?!?


    Friday morning 20 April 2018

  2. Catherine

    You’re right, Mike – the story does NOT fit the narrative that feeds the left’s “gun” control (actually, people control and victim creation) narrative. They’ll bury it completely.

  3. integrity 1st

    Neither does this fit their narrative:

  4. Panther 6

    This one is another example of why we need to tighten access and add some heavy metal to the defenses in our schools. Thank heavens this school had a plan and a heroic guard. Agree with you Mike that armed teachers/trained and willing teachers with a handgun would have helped and maybe ended this incident in 30 seconds vice 3 minutes.

    When are we, as a nation, going to start asking what has changed in the last 50-60 years that has young folks pulling stunts like this? If we think about it really hard we may not like the answer we come up with.

    Agreed Sir! TWO things noteworthy about schools in Israel: (1). Their teachers are all well-trained and ARMED,…and (2). they didn’t expel God from their schools.

  5. Shotgunner

    The good outcome is attributed as much to the shooter voluntarily disarming himself as it is to the actions of the resource officer or anything the school did. As the shooter said himself, he ‘could have pumped that shotgun’ but dropped it instead. It’s foolish to assume the resource officer would have bested a shotgun-wielding assailant. He got lucky the shooter turned himself into an unarmed, scared kid. While we thank our lucky stars at the outcome, let’s keep a sense of realism. This could have been ugly.


    You have a worthy point Shotgunner; but a trained officer going up against an utter novice (who had just bought the weapon – and had never fired it) would likely have prevailed. I know I would have.