Another Democrat Mayor’s Son Overdoses

Posted July 30th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Max Barry was just 22 when he died of a drug overdose in Denver today.  He’d just finished college in Washington State.

Somehow,  being the son of Nashville’s mayor didn’t save him.  He moved from one drug-infested city to another,…and it killed him.

Max’s dad is a professor of ‘organizational studies’ [whatever that is?] at prestigious Vanderbilt.  His mom had a career in compliance [perfect for a Democrat] before entering politics on the Nashville City Council.

She was elected in 2015,  and of course supported Hillary last year.


How many children of politicians have to be harvested before the politicians wake up and start dealing with the drug epidemic as if it was the Bubonic Plague?

When will Democrats start calling for the DEATH PENALTY for drug pushers…?

Hey Democrats:  Those people who are selling weed and hard drugs to your kids – are likely here illegally,  – and they’re selling poison.  Whose kid will be next?

TAWDRY UPDATE:   Tues, 31 Jan 2018   Her Dishonor admits an affair with her chief of security.  I guess her hippy hubby wasn’t doin’ it for her!   I wonder what her kid knew?

UPDATE:   Tuesday 6 March 2018   Mayor Barry has resigned and agreed to repay the City $11,000 – mostly for trips she took WITH her bodyguard – to Paris and Greece….

And yes, there are nude photos on Robert’s cell phone….

4 Responses to “Another Democrat Mayor’s Son Overdoses”

  1. Sherox

    Who is to say that these same politicians are not making money off the drugs coming into the US?

  2. Catherine

    So sad; such a wasted life.

  3. Integrity 1st

    A Dirty cop,now practicing law, was on the Drug Task force while also known to be trading sex for drugs when his 21 y/o son died of on overdose. Because he was a Police Chief at the time, (David L’Esperance), Katie Couric featured him as an “How it can happen to anyone”. Of course she did no background into how he helped drug dealers and contributed to his son’s death, and all the other information that should put him in prison for years to come. It is said he skates because he has so much on higher ups. Did I mention that after being stripped of his gun and badge he now receives full pension and practices law in the great state of Massachusetts?

  4. Sonny's Mom

    Very sad. It happened at “a friend’s house” in Littleton, a Denver suburb. By the time “the friends” noticed Max wasn’t waking up, it was already too late. (The Tennessean, 7/31/17)

    This photo shows just how tiny a lethal dose of fentanyl is. And the user has no way to know.