Another Dead Baby On YOUR Watch Charlie

Posted August 16th, 2015 by Iron Mike

WHAT are
three (3) foster kids doing living in PUBLIC HOUSING – with a mother who already has three (3) of her own?!?

Auburn Housing Authority

Your “replacement” for Olga Roche, – Linda Spears, – is JUST A CLONE – just another INEPT fat Black pig of a bureaucrat – unable or unwilling to make the necessary changes.

Olga Roche Linda Spears

Now kids are DYING on Y-O-U-R WATCH CHARLIE – as you go home to comfortable Swampscott.

Charlie Baker's home

WHY is DFC placing foster kids into poverty homes?

Have you advertised for stable middle-class families?

Maybe YOU should go on TV with a public plea for stable foster families?

Or are you playing Deval’s game of using the monthly foster subsidy as additional income for welfare families?

At-risk kids deserve a better deal, – not to be plucked from one deathtrap….only to be dumped into another!

Busy CharlieCharlie, can you find your way to Pheasant Court…
…to see for yourself?

Or are you too busy?
Phone Baker – ask why Avalena was placed in a deathtrap.   Ask how she died.
617  725-4005

UPDATE:    Monday afternoon 17 August 2015   It gets MUCH worse….

63 calls


UPDATE:  Sunday 23 August 2015    Charlie’s stickin’ with the usual suspectsYou’re a piss-poor ‘Republican’ Charlie!

Charlie Baker Clueless




184 Kids

Jessica with AvalenaSAD UPDATE:
            Wednesday, 2 Sept 2014   

Drug addiction claims the life of Avalena’s natural mother. Jessica Conway – 27 – found dead of an overdose in Worcester.



5 Responses to “Another Dead Baby On YOUR Watch Charlie”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Charlie is way too busy criticising Donald Trump and defending the Moonbat mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh. Baker is a huge disappointment and just like all the other RiNO, establishment Republicrats. These vermin will sell their souls just to keep everything calm on a bipartisan level. Charlie you have some splanning to do!

  2. Patrick

    I wonder if the less-than-ideal child placement has anything to do with Catholic Charities getting out of the adoption business?

  3. Patrick

    Too bad these kids don’t have a gimmick like the “dump ice water on the head” thing.

  4. Sherox

    This is beyond the pale.

  5. Charles M

    After what happened to the Oliver boy-missing for months before anyone knew it- Baker’s administration should have been monitoring DCF carefully. Maybe now that the Olympic bid is over governement can finaly pay attention to the things that they should.
    Get going Mr. Baker or you too will be a one term player.