Another Dead American On Deval’s Doorstep

Posted August 22nd, 2011 by Iron Mike


Dead at 23

 Another American is DEAD – thanks to Governor Deval Patrick!

Another of Massachusetts’ 160,000 illegal immigrants has killed one of us. Matthew Denice 23 years old, of Milford, struck, dragged, and killed by Nicholas Gauman, a drunken 34-year old illegal from Ecuador who just 39 days ago Deval Patrick said it would be ‘racist‘ to deport.

Will Patrick find the courage to show up at Matt’s wake or his funeral and apologize to his family, and to the Milford community?

How badly do Deval Patrick and the Democrats want those 160,000 illegal voters?

   Badly enough to gamble your life!

Badly enough to shrug and look the other way when illegals commit crimes and kill us!

Badly enough that they will accept almost uncounted petty crimes, violent crimes, and the repeated pattern of illegals killing each other and our citizens – on the likelihood that between now and November 2012, – Obama will grant BOTH amnesty and voting rights to 13 MILLION illegals.

In this case Gauman was driving a pickup truck [seemingly not his] drunk – with two passengers [one a small kid] when he struck, dragged, and killed Matt Denice on his motorcycle. Matt had the right-of-way.

Initially Gauman will be charged with:

 – motor vehicle homicide,

 – operating under the influence of liquor,

 – negligent operation,

 – leaving the scene of personal injury and death,

 – possession of open container of alcohol in vehicle,

 – failure to stop for police,

 – unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle,

 – failure to stop or yield,

 – resisting arrest

 – and wanton or reckless conduct creating risk to a child.

July 12th 2011 – Milford Center

It was barely 6 weeks ago that Deval Patrick came ‘to listen to our concerns‘ in Milford. He wasn’t hearing any of it – it was all push-back from the Governor. He lectured us about ‘racism.

Now, WHAT should we charge Governor Patrick with?

  Failure to faithfully execute his oath of office?

  Aiding and abetting vehicular homicide?

  Conspiracy before the fact?

Folks, there is NOTHING ‘racist‘ about American Citizens expecting our elected officials to faithfully discharge their sworn duties and to enforce the laws of the land.

I fully understand that those 160,000 illegals are ‘mostly good people’, – but damn-itthey’re ALL here ILLEGALLY!!!

I can only hope the family and the estate of Matt Denice sue Governor Patrick, his duffus Secretary of Public Safety Mary Beth Heffernan, and her equally duffus assistant Curtis Wood for conspiracy to commit vehicular homicide.

Meanwhile, you and I will get to PAY for Gauman’s defense attorneys, his lodging, food, clothing, and medical care for the next 15 – 20 years, and for his continual legal fees as he files a never-ending series of appeals, each time quoting Deval Patrick’s claim of ‘racism‘.

The legal standard is simple: a reasonable person could have anticipated that among160,000 illegals, – some would commit violent crimes, homicides, and murder.  Only wanton disregard for public safety, and the Democrat’s desperation to keep the White House in 2012 can explain such total disregard for our lives and our safety.

I can’t wait to hear Lurch and McGovernment chime in . . . . They won’t, they want those votes too.

Citizens: If you want to change the current climate of government officials ignoring the laws for their political convenience, then you need to vote the Democrats OUT in November 2012.  And be damned careful you don’t replace them with a swarm of spineless RiNOs when you do!

RIP: Matthew Denice. We barely got to know you!

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!


Oops: It seems Gauman was arrested in 2007 for driving w/out a license. If he’d been deported then – Matt would be alive today.

Gauman guilty 14 years

19 Responses to “Another Dead American On Deval’s Doorstep”

  1. Jim Buba

    We attended the Secure Communities forums, organized by the Governor on the guise of hearing the public. All along the trail it was apparent that the ‘public’ was crammed with illegal immigrants in ‘sanctuary cities and towns’. A number of us were able to take the microphone to the crescendo of ‘boos’ and ‘hisses’.

    We learned that ‘love’, ‘peace’, ‘freedom’ and ‘rights’ all mean different things to the two classes of people represented. I’ll plead the Fifth and take Oxford’s definition flat out every time. The illegals, hiding in cities where it is illegal to arrest them for being illegal; so say the police there and the Attorney General. To an illegal they mean to say ‘Love the freebies’, ‘rest in Peace you silly American’, ‘Freedom is never having to say adios’ and ‘it is my right to come here and kill you one by one’.

    As always, Matthew Denice’s death is of no consequence to the Governor or any of the Councilmen and Selectmen that started this nonsense, just to be nice. It will take the death of one fat-assed politician to cause a re-think and even then his colleagues will explain that without the illegals, all those campaign donations coming from non-profit organizers will vanish.

    Secure Communities is not a perfect solution as had ICE and its predecessor enforced the law there would be no need to sacrifice any of our rights. Just the act of signing into the program would put all of them on notice. The threat of deportation would make them behave differently, more carefully, as if thier lives and freedoms depended upon it.

    Which it should. Now, we are mourning another senseless loss of life. Perhaps it is time to file suit against all those who support them in a civil suit for Wrongful Death. I believe a class-action is in order and damn the judge who dare say no. They can be replaced just as easily.

    Jim Buba
    Lowell, MA

  2. Karen G

    How many times must a horrible thing like this be allowed to happen? I am so sad for the family of this young man. I think it’s our turn to “not let a good tradegy go to waste”. The Governor calls in to the Jim and Margery show on 96.9 FM every Tuesday morning and takes questions from listeners. We should call in and respectfully ask him what he plans to do about this latest disaster!

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    Barack Obama and Deval Patrick will destroy America with their “kindness” and “political correctness” for these illegal immigrants. Unbelievable what our beautiful country is becoming under politicians like these two. Besides turning his back on the Secure Communities, Obama is now passing the Dream Act by executive fiat which will allow further atrocities like the one that killed Matthew Denice. Isn’t it supposed to be that our politicians are supposed to be protecting the citizens of this country??????? We all must stand up against this travesty before it is too late to save our country, our rights and our Constitution.

  4. Varvara

    I’ve been listening to Michael Graham on WTKK, 96.9 and he is ripping mad. He can hardly get the words out in a conversational tone of voice. He has been talking non-stop on the tragic death of this young man. He asks two questions —
    What if this happened to one of Gov Patrick’s entourage? And would his pals still not want to deport these illegals?

    My thoughts and prayers go to his family.

  5. Tom Gilroy

    The responsibility for this terrible tragedy lies with the Governor and his incompetent Director of Public Safety. Rather than protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth, as they have sworn to do, they would rather satisfy the socialist puppets from the advocacy groups who made the Secure Communities public hearings nothing more than a joke. The advocacy groups are also complicit is this crime and many others that have and will occur as long as these illegals, all of which are criminals, continue to prowl through our cities and towns. It is obvious to anyone, that is paying attention, that a vote is far more important than a life. Matthew, may you rest in peace.

  6. Cassie

    Matt was a great guy and did not deserve this. I knew him through high school and living in the same town. Justice needs to be served.

  7. Mark Cain

    Milford Police Department
    250 Main Street
    Milford, MA 01757
    Business Telephone: 508-473-1113
    Business Fax: 508-634-2346
    Chief Thomas O’Loughlin

  8. Karen G

    Matthew would be alive if Gauman didn’t enter the US illegally. He would be alive if Gauman didn’t drive a vehicle unlicensed. He would be alive if Gauman was deported after the first driving arrest. Yet, he is now dead because this habitual offender got wasted and drove again!

    When does “vehicular homicide” become outright murder? If this cretin didn’t drag the poor kid for a quarter mile after impact, he might have lived. The minute this intoxicated criminal chose to keep driving (over the loud protests of witnesses no less), the charge should be homicide. A life sentence without parole is in order here.

  9. VivaLaMigra

    Call him “Devil” or “Duh-val” or “Cadillac Pat” or whatever; among the things you can’t call him are moral, a man of integrity, or honest! It’s no secret that he’s a buddy-buddy with Barry Hussein Soetoro…the criminal who’s currently sitting in the White House. Duh-val is doing Barry’s bidding. It’s an absolute disgrace that this man was re-elected. I hope the unions [most government employees] who are responsible for that are comfortable with the blood of yet another innocent citizen on their hands. But, these people have no shame, compassion, or moral compass…raw naked power and greed dictate their every move. If you or your family are victimized it’s No Biggie to them.

  10. Mark Cain

    More on this with police Chief saying something has to be done.

    Videos at end of story.

  11. Sherox

    Deval should be charged with failure to do one of the most important things government is supposed to do…provide for the common defense. I’m just dumb enough to think that means US citizens, legal immigrants, those here with current & legal visas, & those here traveling for legal purposes.

  12. Wally

    So here I am, a citizen who exercises his second amendment right to keep and bear arms. I have to go through a background check including fingerprints. My right is subject to the whim of my local police chief. My Governor believes that I am a greater threat than this clown.

  13. Mark Cain

    Justice for Matt

  14. Shawn

    To all,

    We need to do anything and everything to let Deval Patrick know that if he does not A. Personally answer to Matthew’s family; B. Publicly answer to the community of Milford (it’s legal citizens); C. Answer to the CITIZENS of the Commonwealth; D. support the Secure Communities Act, that we will ensure he is either voted out of office or impeached. This man’s negligence, greed, and lust for power has resulted in the death of a young AMERICAN who had only just begun his life.

    Furthermore, any politician or their idiot supporters need to grasp the fact that these illegal aliens, regardless of how “good of a person” they are, they are criminals. If they were not, the term would not be “illegal aliens,” they are all lawbreakers and living off of the sweat from our backs while the only taxes they pay are on all those iPhones, and 3DTVs, and any other luxuries we hard-working Americans can’t afford because we’re too busy buying it for them and then paying for their booze and trucks so they can go out and drive around like this is Grand Theft Auto killing our fellow Americans. If someone from another country wants to come here, they are more than welcome, but they have to do it legally. It’s not racism, it’s the law. And the best part about the secure communities act is it is passive, which SHOULD shut those hippies up. No one is saying go Arizona on these people, but if we find them, we need to get rid of them, all of them, and their political benefactors too! Reclaim America!

  15. Timothy Roesch

    I am both the ‘guy’ in the photo and the DA here.
    The question I am caught in the act of asking is, after Martha Coakley’s comment that being an illegal alien isn’t, technically, illegal, what else ‘isn’t technically illegal’, Gov. Patrick?

    We are not a democracy. We are a republicn which means we are ruled by laws, not men, theoretically.

    Remember, people, Americans, when you point a finger, no matter how righteously, you point three more back at yourself.

    We were all in that pick up truck. We were all riding that motorcycle. We, the people need to understand that when we back away, when we ignore, when we pretend, our elected representatives feel they have carte blanche to do whatever they feel they need to do to get re elected and if there are blood stains (ala Capuano and others) left behind, so be it.

    America. Wake. Up.

    Get involved. Vote. Speak out. Do something before you find yourself dragged along the road to slavery and death.

  16. Mia

    This is disgustingly openly racist. Instead of mourning Matthew Denice, you’re using it as an excuse to attack illegal immigrants? True, the man who killed Denice was an illegal immigrant. But guess what? Immigrants do sometimes kill citizens, but also don’t forget that immigrants kill immigrants, citizens kill immigrants, and citizens kill citizens.
    I didn’t know that Obama was going to grant amnesty to these citizens. But if we want to call ourselves as a nation the greatest country in the world, ask yourself what kind of great country would turn away people in need just because they were born somewhere else? Usually, people escape to America because their situation in their country is so bad. Plus, the citizenship test costs a lot of money. Someone running away from, for example, religious persecution, doesn’t usually stop at the bank to get all their savings. I’m also sure that many American citizens couldn’t pass the citizenship test if they took it.
    And to VivaLaMigra: you can’t call a Democrat “Cadillac Pat” unless you are willing to acknowledge all the Republicans in government that are being backed (funded) by billionaires in charge of huge companies (the reason for tax cuts on the wealthy), resulting in those Republicans being wealthy too. Think about Sarah Palin’s bus tour. Think about how much gas for the bus alone costs to drive across the country– and she’s not even in the presidential race!
    And to Shawn: back to tax cuts for the wealthy: immigrants aren’t the only ones living “off of the sweat off our backs”. We are paying billionaire’s taxes.
    Think about all this. Please.

  17. Mia

    Fox attacked liberals as being racist. Now this webiste is attacking a Democrat because he thinks deporting an immigrant is racist? Can someone please explain this to me?

    Clearly you’re confused ‘Mia’. I am unaware of a specific Fox attack such as you question.

    But in general, conservatives believe that the cradle-to-grave array of welfare programs aimed at Blacks, Hispanics, and Latinos is racist because it keeps them ‘down on the Democratic voter plantation’. Democrats use your tax dollars to keep poor people and people of color in perpetual dependancy on the government.

    In Milford on July 12th, Deval Patrick said he was against the Secure Communities program because he ‘thought it was targeting people of color’ – and he thought it was essentially racist.

    We conservatives think that was just his excuse. We believe he wants the illegals kept here in hopes they will vote [illegally] for Democrats, and that Obama will grant them amnesty.

  18. Brad

    Mia…you are either very misinformed or unable to read.

    You state;
    “But if we want to call ourselves as a nation the greatest country in the world, ask yourself what kind of great country would turn away people in need just because they were born somewhere else?”

    To which I state, we don’t turn away people in need just because they were born somewhere else. There is a clear path to citizenship in this country. One only need to follow it, educate oneself about our nation, swear an oath to protect the Constitution…and bingo…you are a citizen.

    The people that are being labeled as illegal aliens are people who have come in to our country with the explicit goal of stealing what does not belong to them.
    Let them follow the path to legal citizenship, pay taxes as we do and they will be welcomed with open arms.
    But they are deceitful, disrespectful, ignorant or just plain old too lazy to do that. They want to do things the easy way and our Liberal politicians (I will NOT call them leaders) have let them get away with it and have taken further steps to facilitate them.
    THAT is what has more and more people very angry.
    And now it has taken another innocent life.

    Learn that before you come here and insult people for what YOU perceive as racist and hateful.

    If you do not wish to educate yourself then I suggest when someone breaks into your house to steal you blind, get out of the way and hold the door for them. That is what you are advocating with your nonsensical statements.

  19. Timothy Roesch

    Mia; where do I even begin? Ignorance can be cured through careful education. Stupid can not be cured. Which are you, Mia?