Another Cop Killer Could Walk

Posted May 8th, 2021 by Iron Mike

It was supposed to be an insurance murder.   Alfred Trenkler helped his pal Tom Shay plant a bomb under the driver’s seat of Thomas Shay Sr’s car.  The bomb didn’t kill Shay,  – who spotted it and called the Boston Police.

It killed 50-yr old Bomb Squad cop Jerry Hurley,  and maimed his partner Frank Foley.  That was 29 Oct 1991.  In 1993,  Trenkler was sentenced to two life terms.  Young Shay got 15 years – was then paroled after 11,  – and violated his parole.


In 1993, when the trial jury returned their guilty verdicts,  Judge Zoble thanked them – and sent them home.  She proceeded to give Trenkler two (2) life terms.

He would learn in prison that his life sentences required a JURY verdict,  – she’d sent them home too early.  He started his appeal process.

And along the way Trenkler found fans – including several of the trial jurors and an author who wrote a book – claiming he was innocent.

In 2007 – 14 years into his prison time,  Judge Zobel reduced his remaining time to 37 years (51 years total).

Trenkler kept up his appeals  – the 2018 First Step Act bolstering his case as a “first time offender”.  Then came Coronavirus.

Somebody went judge shopping – and found softie Judge William Smith in Rhode Island,  – who just cut Trenkler’s sentence to 14 more years with 5 years of parole,  – and allowed for his transfer from Tucson to the federal prison at Devens, Mass.

At this rate it’s only a matter of time before pResident Biden,  pResident Harris,  – or even pResident AOC grant Trenkler a full pardon,  – and some sort of massive government paycheck….


When you vote for Governors and Presidents (and in MassHole for Governor’s Council),  – you are voting for the kinds of people who will decide the fate of your robbers, rapists,  and killers.

Judge Smith has already announced his retirement.   How do you think the cops on the Boston Police Department are feeling today….? 

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  1. Ben

    That’s a kick in the teeth for Officer Hurley’s family. No justice for the man who is out there protecting us. It is truly a sad day.