Another Convention Lawsuit Charlie Faker?

Posted May 30th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Liberals never learn…  Four years ago they brought a shredder,  – and while some ballots ‘disappeared‘,  – others appeared out of thin air.   Any wonder that Mark Fisher sued them?  And won!

Charlie wants to be re-elected,  – and unwilling to stand on his Republican accomplishments – he had his hand-maiden Kirsten Hughes (aka the Mouseketeer) rig the MassGOP Convention.   Now they’re being faced with a truly MASSIVE lawsuit.
We know Mark Fisher is enjoying the moment.

This year’s convention could not have been a more blatant attempt to snuff out Conservative ideas and principles.

But then Charlie is no Republican,  and MassGOP Chair Kirsten is virulently pro-abortion,  pro-Romney/Weld,  and personally afraid of guns.  She’s essentially a Democrat infiltrator running the MassGOP – to squash out Conservatism in the Bay State.

Now Scott Lively is threatening to sue the whole bunch of these RiNOs – for breaking the rules of the Party and the rules of the Convention. 

If he files,  – and it goes to trial,  – he’ll have dozens of witnesses eager to testify – – testify to a well-established pattern of years of anti-conservative hostility and rule-breaking.

Once again the MassGOP – and maybe even Baker and Hughes personally – will be forced to pay up.

So what does Lively want?

I will agree not to file suit if the following conditions are met:

1.  Kirsten Hughes must resign and be replaced by someone acceptable to the conservative base.

2.  Brad Jones and the members of the Executive Committee who voted to adopt his proposal must issue a letter of apology for libeling me.

3. The Party must restore and scrupulously observe the neutrality rules in the 2018 gubernatorial primary race,  and agree in writing to fully support me in the general election if I win the primary. 

4. The Party must agree to require a secret ballot in all future conventions and that an equal number of “super delegates” be allotted to all contenders in a contested race.

5.  The Defendants must pay to the Committee to Elect Scott Lively the sum of $50,000 plus attorney fees as compensation for expenses to date attributable to hardships imposed by the repeal of the neutrality rules.  

6.  Charlie Baker must donate $1 Million from his own campaign warchest to any established pro-life organization in Massachusetts deemed suitable by Dr. Lively,  to fund a public service media campaign during the final 21 days of the 2018 primary election season urging Massachusetts voters to respect the sanctity of human life and seek an end to the murder of unborn babies by voting for pro-life candidates.  This campaign will not identify any candidates by name but will stress the importance of protecting unborn babies from abortion by voting pro-life.  

7.  The Mass GOP must publish a full page advertisement in the Boston Globe during the month of July,  preferably on the 4th of July,  featuring a letter of strong support and appreciation for President Donald Trump and commending him for keeping his campaign promises to Make America Great Again,  and must offer all Republican candidates and party leaders including State Committee Members, and City and Town Committee Chairs, the opportunity to have their names and signatures displayed below that letter.

I believe these concessions by the defendants would be sufficiently restorative in nature to return the Mass GOP to good moral standing in the eyes of Massachusetts conservatives and allow the party to proceed forward with clean hands in the task of “Draining the Swamp” on Beacon Hill and throughout the Commonwealth.  And they represent a far less costly and painful alternative to what would likely await them at the hands of a Massachusetts Jury. 

Lively has NAILED it!   His suit goes to the very inner heart of the corruption in the MassGOP.

Baker and Hughes (and the money Dems who are backing them) have a choice;  – comply with Lively’s demands,  – or spend the summer and fall in courtrooms offering up daily copy to the Boston Globe and the New York Times

Did you catch that?   “Constitutional Law Attorney!

5 Responses to “Another Convention Lawsuit Charlie Faker?”

  1. sad4magop

    Baker’s goal is not only re-election but the total destruction of the Republican Party in MA. He is stealing RNC money to enact Democrat policies. The RNC is too stupid to know this and the Republican State Committee is a bunch of bought and paid for whores.

  2. Clinton ma teaparty

    Mike it’s the 3rd time rino ma Gop have screwed over a anti-establishment Republican. Christy Mihos fought those bastards every day. And exposed the corruption of the big dig.

  3. Kojack

    Even if Scott Lively wins, and I hope he does, we’re still dealing with a state full of MASS-HOLES WHO RE-ELECTED A MUDRERER UNTILL HE WAS TERM-LIMITED BY GOD! That is going to be an even bigger challenge than the Mouseketeer and her ilk.

  4. Sherox

    It seems that Charlie Baker is Teflon coated as none of the scandals have affected him. Mass State Police, DCF and others.

    All the party keeps parroting is that he is the most popular governor in the nation. Is he or are they trying to convince the people that he is? What I hear is that if he’s popular everywhere, he isn’t popular with the Republican voters in the state.

  5. Vince Picarello

    I would be estatic if he just got #1