Another Congressman Says “Impeachable”

Posted July 8th, 2011 by Iron Mike

THREE CHEERS for freshman Congressman Tim Scott – from South Carolina’s 1st CD [along the coast]. Tim is a successful small businessman who has been active in SC politics – now serving his first term in Congress. Clearly he’s not in awe of the MEssiah.

Oh, and guess whose district that new Boeing plant is located in – the one Obama’s NLRB is trying to keep closed – or unionize.

Tim’s district contains a LOT of retired military folks – almost to a man/woman conservative, i.e. not fans of Obama! Do you ~ think ~ the fact that Tim is Black pisses off Obama?  Might that be one of the reasons that Boeing was targeted with such vengence?

Watch CNN’s John King try to race-bait Tim over a Rick Santorum abortion comment. With quiet dignity Tim deftly turns it around. Go Tim!

Tim’s Congressional website: 
Phone: 202 225-3176

Campaign Web Site: 
Re-election contributions to:  1405 Ashley River Road, Charlestown, SC 29407

We need more congress critters like Tim Scott!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “Another Congressman Says “Impeachable””

  1. Cleve Huggins

    Hopefully, many, many more members of Congress will take a stand similar to Tim Scott’s. We are on a course of destruction if we keep letting the chief executive get his way. Our children and grandchildren will not be able to afford the debt that he has gotten us in to and really refuses to do anything about!! It’s just unbelieveable!!