Another Baker RiNO In Legal Trouble

Posted July 27th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Dear God,  I hate writing these stories about people who claim to be Republicans….but with Charlie Faker,…they just keep on coming

I’ve watched this charming crook in action – at MassGOP meetings,  – where she is the perfect Romney-Baker-Kaufman handmaiden.  She loves power and attention,…and being ‘an insider’…

Once upon a time,….Christine was a lawyer….but she kept getting herself in serious legal troubles….pretty much over client’s moneys…

First came a REPRIMAND by the Board of Bar Overseers – in 2010…

Not much deters this ambitious lady,…she got herself on several Quincy boards,  – and then became  Chair of the Quincy Republican City Committee….

…even it seems as she was stealing money from elderly clients – at least ONE of whom she FAILED to tell that her Law License had been suspended…. Oops!

So if you can’t “Practice the Law”,…become a consultant

Remember back when your mother told you: “You’ll be known by the company you keep…”? Your mother was right.  Cedrone associates with the worst RiNOs in the MassGOP….

Today Christine is in the news again,…because a Norfolk County Grand Jury handed down a criminal indictment for her theft from an elderly traffic accident victim.  Cedrone victimized the old lady again by agreeing to represent her when her license was SUSPENDED!

Yet two years ago Charlie Baker HIRED HER into the Department of Conservation as a Community Relations Rep,…and she got promoted to Assistant Director of Contracts – at $70,700.oo/year….

BOTTOM LINE:  Don’t judge a lawyer by her once-pretty face!  Cedrone is/was a shitty lawyer,  a crook,  and obviously a RiNO.  She should be a registered DemoCRAP.

When uninformed voters elect people like her to the MassGOP,  – or to public office at any level of government,  – they should EXPECT such persons to enrich themselves in every way possible.


Full disclosure:   I’ve had a couple of brief run-ins with Cedrone – both at the MassGOP State Committee meetings  – and here on RRB.   None of those encounters were positive…

UPDATE:  Feb 4th 2019    Cedrone is DISBARRED….

UPDATE:  Jan 15th 2020   Judge Thomas Connors sentenced her to two and half years in jail but only required her to serve 90 days.  The rest of the sentence was suspended for three years,  meaning she won’t have to serve it if she complies with the terms of her probation during that time.  She must also pay $144,000 in restitution…   How…?

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  1. integrity 1st

    Yet when Baker gets his way, THIS is what he does for attorneys who abuse the elderly so much more!