ANOTHER 9th Circuit Court Miracle!

Posted July 24th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Three-Judge panel overrules lower court – overrules Hawaii’s gun laws,  – and says the 2nd Amendment DOES STATE that citizens have a RIGHT to carry openly.

Hawaii had TWICE denied citizen George Young a license…  Judge O’Scannlain (Reagan) – joined by Judge Ikuta (GW Bush) delivered a painfully detailed and historically researched decision which will have gun-grabbers in tears!

Judge Clifton (GW Bush) was the WIMP!   He wrote a lengthy and sniveling dissent,  – based on his FEELINGS that the anti-gun laws were written “for good purposes”.  He cited Hawaii’s low gun death statistics…

Reading through O’Scannlain’s reasonings,  – I got the clear impression that he re-wrote it after seeing Clifton’s sniveling dissent,  – because he takes it apart in almost mocking detail.

In sum, we reject a cramped reading of the Second Amendment that renders to “keep” and to “bear” unequal guarantees.  Heller and McDonald describe the core purpose of the Second Amendment as self-defense, see Heller, 554 U.S. at 599; McDonald, 561 U.S. at 787,  and “bear” effectuates such core purpose of self-defense in public.  We are persuaded, therefore,  that the right to carry a firearm openly for self-defense falls within the core of the Second Amendment.

Read the WHOLE DECISION (76 pages):

HEY DEMOCRATS!   There’s a GREAT HISTORY LESSON written into Judge O’Scannlain’s decision. You should READ IT and STUDY IT!

And then,…try being an American!

2 Responses to “ANOTHER 9th Circuit Court Miracle!”

  1. Leonard Mead

    Once again, Iron Mike reminds us how our genius founding fathers defined the freedoms we are blessed to have.

    Equally important, Mike highlights how liberals believe THEY know best whether or not Americans can openly show they will fight to preserve their rights of self defense.

    Reminds us that we are free today because guns one time defeated a tyrant king who “knew” how to rule us.

    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative

  2. Panther 6

    ALL I can add is it is about time. Needs to be more of this common sense type activity in all out courts.

    When was the last time a member of the NRA shot up a churck, restaurant or school,,,etc. Yeh, I can’t remember either. Thinks the answer is never.