Ann Wofford Takes On The Issues

Posted July 18th, 2014 by Iron Mike

For the first time in 6½ years – Tsilent Tsongas is facing a REAL challenger – an accomplished young professional woman – who actually earned a living – and who knows the issues.
WCAPWofford v Tsongas
Listen and learn why voters in the Mass 3rd CD no longer have to settle for Photo-Op Tsongas – a Pelosi Sock Puppet
Click on the WCAP image and enjoy!

3 Responses to “Ann Wofford Takes On The Issues”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    I was very impressed when I first met Ann on a one on one last Spring when she was seriously complement to run for the Third District congressional seat, long in the progressive grip of the Democrats since the days of Brad Morse and the venerable Edith Norse Rogers when Republicans were the party of Lincoln and Coolidge. We need a representation who is not laser focused on the social issues, not the puppet of the minority Leader and the administration, but the fiscal and Constitutional issue, check Ann’s website and attend a meet and greet in your community. Do you thing that Niki will be having any town meetings before November or have the courage to debate Ann on any stage?

  2. integrity 1st

    She will not win unless we all get behind her big time. Talk about taking on the machine – this is it.

  3. Mark

    She is GREAT!