Animals On Motorcycles

Posted November 20th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Unable to understand how Israeli Intelligence works – how all their secret meeting places and bomb factories are discovered and hit,

   – the Arab street urchins known as Hamas decide there must be spies amongst them. 

They round up and execute six [Trial? What trial?] and drag one corpse through the streets of Gaza.

And you wonder why this Arab-Israeli war has gone on for 100 years? Thousands really – long before 610 AD.

Remember these folks are essentially tribal, – the six victims [spies] could easily just be from the wrong tribe – or the wrong neighborhood. But now there are six new grudges festering in Gaza.

How come the media now openly sympathizes with the ‘Palestinians’?

All war is ugly.  There are outrages on all sides, but we court-martialed the Marines seen here pissing on a couple of dead Taliban killed in combat.



3 Responses to “Animals On Motorcycles”

  1. Tom

    The media’s love of the Muslim terrorists, no matter what their name, is just a manifestation of their embrace of the New World Order. If the media would only research the fate of the media in those countries where Shiria law rules.


    If they are so poor how can they afford motorcycles?

    I often wonder what the IQ is of these terrorists. Hamas has always hidden behind the children of Gaza. Building rocket launchers next to schools or a playground is something these terrorists think is clever. But the Israeli soldiers are very good and manage to accomplish, with precision, the bombing of the rocket base.

  3. Walter Knight

    Isreal needs to invade Gaza. Wars don’t end until once side wins.

    If Isreal doesn’t want to do the dirty work that needs to be done, there are plenty of Arabs with scores to settle against Hamas that will do the killing for them, with a little help.

    It’s time for a regime change in Gaza. However, it won’t happen. Isreal doesn’t do regime changes like we did in Iraq. Isreal goes in, breaks things, then leaves. I don’t blame them, really, but it’s a live for the moment mentality.