Angry Mother Slaps Obama – Twice!

Posted February 10th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Second "Slap"

Clearly angered by Obama’s continued refusal to back off his “man-made global warming” hype,  Mother Nature bitch-slapped our First Socialist President for the second time in five days, – again shutting down the Nation’s capitol and much of the East Coast under a second heavy blanket of snow.

“Obama?  He just pisses me off!” said an exasperated Mother Nature to a group of reporters.  “Father Physics and I work very hard at what we do, – not just here on Earth, – but throughout the entire Universe.  We decide what temperature stars and planets will be, and which ones will have water, and life, and what kind of life.  How dare he ignore our billions of years of well-documented work and pay attention to some cheating English frauds at East Anglia?  Why those frauds made whole careers out of cooking my temperature data!” 

“I would have thought he’d gotten the message when I buried him this past weekend” she continued, “but Nooo, – he was at it again Tuesday with yet another “energy bill”.  What a jerk!   Didn’t he learn anything at Harvard?   CO2 is good for my green plants!   And he’s worried about polar bears?   It wasn’t global warming that wiped out my Passenger Pigeons!   Is he going to blame that on Bush too?”

“Father Physics and I alone decide what a planet’s temperature, climate and weather will be, – and he better learn to respect that.  Maybe next time I’ll just crack open the San Andreas, or maybe rip the lid off Yellowstone.”    She waived her finger at the reporters, “You don’t mess with Mother Nature” she yelled, “and you better not try taking credit for my work!   Want me to throw another space rock at you?”  

   ;^)   Iron Mike

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