Angry GOP Voters Dump TARP Republican

Posted May 8th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Voter anger this year should not be underestimated by Democrats – and even by some Republicans.

The Utah GOP Convention has just said “Bye-bye” to three-term Republican Senator Bob Bennett.  Mostly it seems they were angry with his vote on the TARP.  So in a three-way convention battle – he was passed over.  Stunning, when you consider he was re-elected to his third term in 2004 with 69% of the vote.  And mostly he’s been a staunch conservative.

“As a conservative,  I strongly believe in a fiscal policy consisting of low taxes and restrained federal spending.  Keeping taxes low will allow for the increased growth of our economy,  while granting individuals more freedom to choose how to invest or spend their money.”

Today he wasn’t seen as conservative enough.  Neither of his Republican challengers – Attorney Mike Lee or businessman Tim Bridgewater  won a majority – so they’ll both be on the Primary ballot.  This will be an interesting summer in Utah.

The TEA Party slogan “Remember in November” is proving to have real teeth!

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  1. Julie Enox

    Where can I find a list of senators and congress members that voted for TARP?