Angela Merkel Admits Muslims Are Winning

Posted March 1st, 2018 by Iron Mike

She’s been Chancellor of Germany since 2005 – survived several re-election campaigns,  and tried to be both “Center-Right” – and still welcome ‘refugees’.   Like many Germans she suffers a post-Nazi guilt akin to what American Liberals suffer with their self-inflicted “White Guilt”.

But her misplaced ‘guilt’ and political stupidity is killing her nation,  – and getting German women raped by the hundreds each night.   Suddenly Merkel is awakened?

So sad…. For those long 46+ years of the Cold War,  the American Military stood freezing in Germany,  – specifically to keep Russian tanks from rolling in from the East.

All the while,  Muslims were filtering in from the South. 

Now only brute force can possibly get rid of them,

…and Germans may not have the stomach for the fight.

Will German men (and women) fight for their national identity – and for their young women,  – or will they become a conquered people – Jizya slaves – Dhimmis paying the yearly head tax?

Americans – you’re N E X T !

And the Democrats are selling you out….

4 Responses to “Angela Merkel Admits Muslims Are Winning”

  1. Vic

    I’m sure another Ernst Rohm is waiting in the wings in Germany –


    Maybe,…or maybe another Otto von Bismarck….

  2. Kojack

    “I’m sure another Ernst Rohm is waiting in the wings in Germany –

    Maybe,…or maybe another Otto von Bismarck….”


    Americans – you’re N E X T !

    DO AMERICANS HAVE THE STOMACH TO BE BRUTAL ENOUGH TO RID THE U.S.A. OF THE mUSLIM SCOURGE?!?!? I think not. Many people I talk to are confused or in denial. They think of their “friendly” mUSLIM neighbor or the mUSLIM that they work with and don’t see them as the same SAVAGES as those committing acts of terror. They don’t realize that when the mUSLIMS become the majority, they won’t recognize these neighbors and coworkers. San Bernadino is a great example of this, as is Dearborn, MI.

  3. Panther 6

    Merkel has allowed this travesty to happen. AND yes, another Rohm or Eichmann for the Muslims is out there but I doubt in today’s Germany he, or she, could ever emerge. Stopping the slow but real overwhelming of Western Culture by islam will not be easy nor pleasant. If it doesn’t start VERY SOON Europe is doomed. These muslims don’t want to have or be part of the civilized west; they want an islamic culture with Sharia, and all the trappings of their semi religious government “of the people by a few select religious leaders” to oversee the masses. The ME, much of the lands to the east and south and sadly much of Africa have been overwhelmed by islam and it has created a terrible blight that now awaits the west and ultimately the USA if we don’t stop it. I know this sounds harsh but I have traveled extensively out there and believe THE DONALD was right, there are a lot of crap hole countries out there.

  4. Sherox

    Many Americans do have the will do rid this country of the Mohammadians. It isn’t even that they are out numbered, which they are not. There is no organizing of them.