Andrew McCabe: Shameless Dirty Cop

Posted March 30th, 2018 by Iron Mike

If anything epitomizes the modern Democrat’s utter disdain for our Laws,  our Constitution,  and for basic decency,  – it would be those 18,883 (thus far) twisted sick bastards who contributed to Andrew McCabe’s GoFundMe legal defense fund.

This guy was the #2 cop in the land,  – for a few weeks he was the Acting #1 cop,  – and now he’s sniveling because he was FIRED for lying to Bureau investigators about media leaks and about lying to the FISA Court.

He’s trying to tell America that he’s a VICTIM?

Guess what Democrats?  McCabe is a DIRTY COP!

It’s starting to look like

the WHOLE Democrat Party is DIRTY…

By contrast,  General Mike Flynn had to sell his house to pay HIS legal bills,  – on a trumped-up charge, – caused by McCabe and his FBI and DOJ cronies LYING to the FISA Court.

Hey McCabe,  really classless act to use (and implicate) your wife and kids in your crimes.

One Response to “Andrew McCabe: Shameless Dirty Cop”

  1. Ben

    They have no shame.