Andrew McCabe: FBI’s GoFundMe Liar

Posted April 14th, 2018 by Iron Mike

For several weeks McCabe has been pouting around Washington playing the role of “Trump’s VICTIM”.  He even collected over $500,000 from the GoFundMe crowd-funding website,  – proving there are lots of Trump-haters with money to spend on lost causes.

Now the IG Report has been released,  – 35 pages of SOBERING BAD NEWS for McCabe and his crowd-funders.  He’s guilty!  He LIED!

2 Responses to “Andrew McCabe: FBI’s GoFundMe Liar”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    If it weren’t for double standards and lies, Democrats would have no standards and nothing to say…

    Does McCabe have to declare that GoFundMe dough as income?

  2. Kojack

    McCabe’s benefactors don’t care that he’s guilty. They see him as a hero of the resist Trump movement and that’s all that matters to them. They are totally Machiavelian and most have been for years. THEY DON’T PLAY BY THE RULES. If you go into a brawl fighting fair, you’ve already lost.

    Trump needs to fire Mueller BEFORE the DEMOCRAPS and the RiNOs pass legislation making it almost impossible to for him to do so. If not Mueller is going to find something even if he has to go back 30 years. The raid on Cohen validated this point. Sessions and Rosenstein need to go too.