Andrew Cuomo Is Suddenly Fearing Prison

Posted February 12th, 2021 by Iron Mike

For most of 2020,  Cuomo was being feted by the media as the smartest governor,  – the one who was dealing most effectively with Coronavirus.

Suddenly the media learns that 10,000 Coronavirus patients died in New York State’s nursing homes,  – ordered there by Governor Cuomo,  who was covering up the shameful death toll.  The arrogant Sicilian no longer looks like a heroic counter-Trumper.

5 Responses to “Andrew Cuomo Is Suddenly Fearing Prison”

  1. Walter Knight

    If Cuomo were forced from office, he would be replaced by another Democrat. Who? Rising star Democrat Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Hochul has to be considered in that conversation.

    New York could do a lot worse.


  2. Jim Buba

    One by one, the mindless too shall fall

  3. Joe

    Kathleen Hochul is an unknown entity. But if anything like the rest of the democrats, it won’t be better. NY is lost.

  4. panther6

    The ‘Gov’ is a self serving idiot. Charges would be appropriate but I bet he skates. The powerful usually protect their brethren lest they be next. We will see.

  5. Kojack

    Nice to witness Freido Senior finally fall from grace.

    To expound on Joe’s comment, NY as well as CA are indeed lost but at least they have some conservative representation ie Congressman Lee Zeldin, Nicole Maliotakos, Devin Nunes and Darrel Issa. So if they are lost what does that say about MASS-HOLE-A-CHUSETTS?!?!?.