And Then,…There Were THREE…

Posted September 13th, 2014 by Iron Mike

ISIS beheads British Aide Worker David Haines…David Haines Beheaded 13 Sept 2014
Video below the fold:

OK People, – if you JUST came here looking for bloody pictures, at least read some of the articles on our blog.

We posted this so you would understand how utterly ruthless ISIS and the other al Qaeda offshoots are, – what a danger to humanity they represent, – and to give you a CLUE about what will be needed to wipe their evil asses off the face of the earth.

David Haines with wife Dragana

If you still think that somewhere out there you’ll find the “Good Muslims”, – please, buy a one-way ticket and go look for them!  Write us when you’ve found them.

One Response to “And Then,…There Were THREE…”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    ISIS is of course quaking in their sandals after the “resounding never to be forgotten” address to the nation the night before 9/11. He neither inspired the citizens, his allies and potential coalition members, nor did he strike fear into the cold black hearts of the Islamoterrorists. Today, or maybe earlier, they expressed their contempt for the non believers by executing another innocent, non combatant aid worker. There is only one way to deal with these savages, a massive allied army equal to the allied Normandy Invasion sweeping in from the Meditteranean, the Persion Gulf thought Kuwait, from the Saudi desert and hopefully down from Turkey in a massive pincher movement to annihilate this blight on the human race.