And the WINNERS are:

Posted December 9th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Massachusetts has voted and ethically challenged Attorney General Martha Coakley wins big! 

?ber-Liberal Martha

?ber-Liberal Martha

Scott Brown

Scott Brown





Her runner-up – Bwarny Fwank / Nancy Pelosi favorite Mike Capuano outscored Republican winner Scott Brown by 39,329 votes.  Even the two losing Dems’ combined votes were nearly 24K more that Scott got.  

      Scott Brown (winner)        GOP     145,465       89%
      Jack E Robinson                  GOP       17,241       11%

      Martha Coakley (winner)   Dem      310,227      47%
      Mike Capuano                      Dem      184,791      28%
      Alan Khazei                          Dem        88,929      13%
      Steve Pagliuca                     Dem        80,248      12%

So the countdown to January 19th begins.  Well-funded snarly “Catholic” Martha – stridently pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-ObamaCare, pro-activist judges, pro-SEIU, pro-anything Obama wants. .  vs . . . under-funded underdog super-nice guy moderate Republican Scott Brown. 

I’m cringing at the sheer volume of TV ads.  Will they cease over Christmas? 

It will take a miraculous influx of out-of-state Republican money to level this playing field.  Scott can expect little or nothing from Party Chair Barbie and Ron Kaufman’s fake Boston GOP. 

Martha has already captured the gay vote, the mothers-demanding-abortion-for-their daughters vote,  the union vote,  and the “we want free health care” vote.   Scott,  you are going to be hard up against it.  Don’t count on the press, – in this state they barely report Republican activities.  I would expect CNN and MSNBC to assign camera crews to follow Martha around.  Hillary and Bill will surely come to campaign, – maybe even Caroline Kennedy [her guy Khazie finished 3rd] may come and “rally round” the heir-apparent to “Teddy’s throne”.

After his poor showing in Virginia and New Jersey, – will Obama be invited?  Maybe the Village Idiot – “Lovable Joe” will come to hug her and put his foot in his mouth again.  John Ketchup Kerry hopes to replace Hillary as SecState soon [Obama has her in fast burnout mode] – so will he get into it?  Of course, – way too big an ego not to! 

If there is any life or any soul left in the National Republican Party,  these next 41 days will be the last time to prove it.  If they fail I expect to see a third party rise up to replace GOP by 2011.

    /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, Still Good for Parts!

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  1. Bobcat87

    Thanks for the tallies from yesterday. I am hopeful that the Dems came out to vote in big numbers because they are concerned that the position is not a shoe-in for them. As you point out Brown and the GOP have a lot of work ahead if they want to fill that senate seat. I hope he’s ready to press the flesh and pound the pavement. A win by Brown is paramount to return some balance to Washington!