And The Winner Is…Barack Obama!

Posted April 30th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Massachusetts can’t get out of it’s rut.
Obama Wins!

Obama doesn’t care who wins on June 25th.  Either Markey or Gomez guarantees him a reliable and cooperative Senate vote.

To My Heartbroken Conservative Stalwarts:

Thank You For All Your Hard Work!

All of you worked hard, – some SUPER-HARD – to give Massachusetts voters a chance to elect a decent, honest, thoughtful constitutionalist as our next US Senator.

The voters have just SQUANDERED that chance!

They have spoken. Some want to continue getting the illusion of ‘Free Stuff’ from the government; – some think Gomez is Tom Cruise in the Top Gun movie. Image has won the day over substance, – glamor won over reason.

I’m guessing that June 25th will see a record low turnout…


But GOD saw what you did. He knows…
…and this Old Soldier humbly thanks you!

9 Responses to “And The Winner Is…Barack Obama!”

  1. Tom

    Like someone said, the socialist and the communist. Either way we are screwed!

  2. Sheryl

    Not a surprise! Running in a local race and the town committee is feckless! They don’t show up! Republicans eat their young! Republicans don’t show up except for democrats!!

  3. Hugh

    I will not vote in the election. I will not play this game anymore screw the Mass GOP. Who are these idiots the 51% who voted for this phony diet coke leftist. I am so angry with our primary voters and the establishment Mass GOP hacks who lined his pockets. What a dishonest man who ran on being a vet and nothing else. I am a veteran and would never associate with him.

    That feels better,
    Can hardly blame you. Vote anyway – write in Mike’s name…

  4. Ben

    What in the hell is wrong with these people? 51% of alleged Republicans voted for Gomez? I just don’t get it.


    They didn’t! It was the planned attack by ‘unenrolled’ Democrats – who pulled a Republican ballot – and gave Obama the Republican candidate he doesn’t have to care about.

  5. Casey Chapman

    I voted for Sullivan. The only thing I can think of, is that Winslow pulled enough votes away to give it to Gomez. I’ll have to think long and hard before bothering to vote this time. I suppose, in order to try to get rid of Markey, I would vote for Gomez this time, and hope for a Real candidate next time. Hope springs eternal. To not vote Is to vote, by the by.

  6. Marc

    I’ve basically written off the Massachusetts GOP. There really is no Republican party in this state. What you basically have here is an actual Democratic party and a wannabe Democratic party.

    The Massachusetts GOP is infested with RINOs at the highest levels. I don’t know what they stand for…seemingly all the same crazy liberal social policies that the Democrats stand for plus tax breaks for the rich? They have absolutely nothing to offer me. I won’t waste my time voting in the general election in June. From my perspective, there’s no difference of any significance between Markey and Gomez. The choice between them is like the choice between having my left eye or my right eye gouged out. No thanks, I’ll take neither.

    My long term strategy is to leave this state – its beyond hope and things are just going to get worse here. Imagine Brockton on a statewide level. That’s the future of Massachusetts I think. Did you know that Boston is now ahead of New York City in every measure of crime? Check the FBIs crime statistics.

    The good news is that land and the cost of living are still surprisingly affordable in “normal America”. For example, I’m looking at a 70 acre farm property in Iowa with a house, detached garage/workshop, and barn for $450,000. Property taxes are less than $1,200 per year on that spread. So, the bottom line is that there can be life (and a good life) after Massachusetts.

  7. Sam Adams

    This is what happens when the conservative base is skunked by “pretend” conservatives. They stay home. It works every time.
    How’d all that schmoozing with the most obnoxious Republican ever to get elected, Richard Tesei, and the rest of the establishment gang who drool over him work out for you Mr. Sullivan?
    Did that work out well for you? How’d it work out for you to announce you would vote to repeal DOMA? Did your newly-acquired fans come out and support you yesterday?
    No? And after all that painful fence-sitting, too. What a shame.
    Good-bye Mr. Sullivan.
    Thanks for nailing another spike into the Republican Party’s coffin.

  8. Kojack

    Gomez better relish his primary victory as much as possible as he will get smoked in the general election since the massholes outnumber republicans(including RiNOs) by 3 to 1 and the conservative base will not support this RiNO.

    I share Mike’s theory that the unenrolled dumbocrats took republican ballots and voted for Gomez in the primary only to abandon him for Malarky in the general election. And for the dopes on our side who voted for Gomez how far did we get with moderates like Scott Brown, John McCain and even Mitt?!?!

    I, too, for the first time in my life, will sit out the general election unless someone can make a very persuasive argument for why I should support another RiNO.

  9. Hugh

    Here is my response to an email sent to me by Kirsten Hughes telling me to get in line behind that fraud Gabriel “Gomulka” Gomez. Needless to say she got no commitment from me just a stern rebuke. I copied and pasted my response first and further down her asking me to get behind the empty suit candidate that they wanted, for God knows what reason. Social conservatives like me need not apply I guess.

    Dear Mrs. Hughes,

    It is my intention to now register as an independent, or seek a real conservative alternative to the Mass GOP. I feel this is a shame but the State GOP doesn’t represent me anymore and hasn’t for quite some time. If the State party is satisfied with being Democrats than you can be Democrats, I will not however keep up this ruse any longer. I will not vote for a fraud candidate again, and you will not get a farthing of my hard earned money to back this poser, or for that matter any of your Country Club candidates.

    My family has been involved with Republican party since the Civil War back when the party stood for something, and were not Quisling’s for the lefts agenda. This man ran an amateur campaign and bought this primary with corny commercials, and for the record this is America, not Spain or Columbia He wants to speak Spanish run for election there.

    If you guys have no room for conservatives with traditional American values, you have the wrong man.

    Hugh G Whiting Jr.

    former Republican and Rockland RTC member

    Here is the original email asking me to go in for the big win!! Yeah right Gabe Gomez makes Scott Brown look like Jesse Helms.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Kirsten Hughes
    To: ossnhughie
    Sent: Wed, May 1, 2013 5:40 pm
    Subject: The Votes Are In

    Dear fellow Republican,

    I want to publicly thank Mike Sullivan, Dan Winslow and Gabriel Gomez, as well as their supporters for all they have done to strengthen our Massachusetts Republican Party. The energy and spirit of each campaign served to strengthen our grassroots and ready us for the task ahead.

    We were written off a few months ago, and instead we fielded three A-List candidates. For each of them, the future is bright. And for each of us, the task is clear. We now unite behind Gabriel Gomez, the choice of Republican voters for the U.S. Senate.

    Now is the time for all Massachusetts Republicans and like-minded independents to unite with a single voice and purpose. Together, we can elect the only candidate in this race who will bring a strong record on national security and fiscal sanity to Washington D.C.

    Today and until June 25th, I need you. Your party needs you. Your Commonwealth needs you!

    We face an extreme liberal in Ed Markey. He is the Congressman from Chevy Chase, Maryland. They say if you really want to know someone, talk to their friends. We learned all we need to know about Markey from his friend Stephen Lynch:

    “… Mr. Markey in contrast has voted against the department of homeland security appropriations bills in 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2011. And I’m not sure why.”

    “You’re so far out on the left, Ed, it’s ridiculous.”

    Clearly, the Democrat from Maryland is out of touch with the values and principles of the majority of Massachusetts voters. We need to unite and we need your support to get the word out to our fellow citizens.

    We cannot let political inertia, voter fatigue or a distracted media stop us from the mission before us. You can help us. Here’s how. Pick one or all of the following ways to help:

    – Donate to MassGOP
    – Volunteer

    – Visit
    Yesterday, the race came down to Gabriel Gomez and Ed Markey, an out of touch career politician who has been part of problem for over three decades. There is not a Republican in Massachusetts who should be resting between now and June 25th . This election is too important. We need your help today.

    Kirsten Hughes

    MassGOP Chairman