And Now…The Aftermath…

Posted April 20th, 2013 by Iron Mike

End of Jihad
Tamerlan dead,  lil’ brother Dzhokhar down, – now comes the politics, the replays, the trial, and the soul-searching…  Let’s examine some basic facts:

The Boston Marathon has been known for 10 years for being on a list of approved high-priority targets – by Osama bin Laden himself. Authorities here had obviously grown complacent….

Crowd photos published in the search for the marathon bombers show many people wearing backpacks – and I’ve yet to hear of a single person who was stopped and examined by police prior to the explosions. Complacency or ineptitude?

Governor Deval Patrick’s burning focus has been ‘social justice’, i.e. taking hard-earned money from rich white people and redistributing it to poor brown and black people.  It is a kind of racism, – and he and Obama practice it daily.

His appointments to positions of serious duty and high trust have continued to reflect his obsession with AA/EEO – and a total disregard for ability and competence.  Thus when after four (4) years MaryBeth Heffernan repeatedly proved herself unable to oversee her departments – he fired her,…then made her a judge!

…AND,…replaced her with Andrea Cabral, the Suffolk County sheriff so fat she was unable to waddle around her jail [where prisoners died] to oversee operations.  But she does meet Patrick’s minimum requirements – overweight minority female with no credible experience.


DEATH PENALTY:  Our state last executed a pair of murderers on 9 May 1947. In recent years we’ve witnessed the gruesome premeditated killings at Edgewater Technologies and the Entwistle home, – plus countless gang-related shootings in our inner cities. 

WORSE,…our ooey-gooey State Legislature – run for over 60 years by Democratsliberal Democrats and Corrupt Democrats – allowed our Parole Board and our Probation Departments to become absolute jokes.  And, they don’t care – because ‘that’s how we get jobs for our relatives’.

On December 26th 2010, Woburn Cop Jack Maguire was shot to death after a botched jewel robbery by paroled cop-shooter Dominic Cinelli.  Suddenly…the ‘press’ discovered that the recidivism rate of Mass parolees was 45%.  Patrick’s solution was to have the Board resign, and he replaced them with new hacks.

So, can we please have our Death Penalty back for Premeditated Murder?



BOTH the Obama and the Patrick administration share total guilt for coddling illegal immigrants and overlooking crimes committed by non-citizens.  They obviously take it as a point of world-socialist pride. 

When Nicholas Guaman – a repeat drunk-driving offender here illegally from Ecuador – dragged Matt Denice to his death in August 2011,  Patrick said “it’s just a drunk driving accident”.  Guaman still hasn’t been tried…[language problems?].

Obama has pointedly failed to secure our southern border,  sued Arizona for trying, and made the immigration of Muslims from Saudi Arabia easier. Protecting American citizens is not a priority of the Obama Cartel.

So we aren’t surprised at all to learn that older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev was arrested two years ago for assaulting his wife.  He COULD HAVE BEEN DEPORTED

His mother was arrested for shoplifting.  SHE COULD HAVE BEEN DEPORTED

What do you want to bet,…that the family has been enjoying your hospitality via EBT Cards?



After the Kennedy assassination, and after the 9/11 hijackings, – Congress ordered so-called ‘non-partisan’ commissions to look into the facts. Both failed in the whole, – but we did see massive cover-ups and we did learn a few trinkets of information, such as Jamie Gorelick’s creation of the ‘Chinese Wall‘ – which prevented the criminal and counter-terrorism divisions from sharing information.

I say we need a joint state-federal Marathon Bombing Commission – to dig into the root causes of the security failures,  and the role of the US Justice Department, Homeland Security, and the Patrick Administration’s failures to execute the basic tasks of government – to protect the population.

Note instead how BOTH administrations have focused your attention on new taxes, the 2nd Amendment and ‘assault weapons with 30-round clips’, ‘comprehensive immigration reform’,  blaming ‘TEA Party Republicans’, the Sequester, and replacing Hillary Clinton with John Ketchup Kerry.

Note how just 2 days ago Kerry is STILL REFUSING a complete investigation of the Benghazi Massacre.  WHY?

Does anybody believe the Tsarnaev brothers acted alone?  Remember that big brother Tamerlan returned to Russia….  So did Lee Harvey Oswald….



Americans in growing numbers – and certainly a strong majority here in Massachusetts – have come to look at government as the ‘provider of first resort’ – the guarantor of a comfortable and worry-free [and work-free] life.


We have become accustomed to corrupt and inept politicians and appointed officials.  Governor Patrick’s Watertown Press Conference last evening should have highlighted the ineptness of the administration.

Coakley the MouseThere waddled Executive Secretary of Public Safety Andrea Cabral a gelatinous mass of ineptitude, while to Patrick’s right hovered our mouse-like State Attorney General Martha ‘Marsha’ Coakley – who seemingly cannot get a jury conviction. 

Note her respectful distance from US Attorney Carmen Ortiz – who does go after corrupt MassHoles! 

REMEMBER OFFICIAL COWARDICE:  Governor Patrick essentially shut down Boston on Friday – telling people to ‘shelter in place’ – to lock their doors and only let in uniformed police.  He assumes we are all as cowardly as he is.

He should have said – ‘Carry your guns today – be prepared to shoot the bastard!’

REMEMBER: Despite massive police presence – it was an alert civilian homeowner who spotted the blood trail which let to the capture of Dzhokhar – pictured above.

Watch and count the days…until Patrick’s public focus returns to his new $1.9 Billion budget – and raising taxes.  He’s breathing a sigh of relief.  Your rage should just be building…

Remember, out there across our land,  there are other Tsarnaevs, festering in their hatred, looking on jihadist web sites, plotting their own acts of treason and terror, and counting on the softness of left-leaning American officials to go easy on them….Bowing Obama

Why are the 9/11 plotters still alive? 

Why hasn’t Major Nadal been court-martialed?

Whose side do you think Obama is on?



Never let a crisis go to waste!”  The Obama Cartel,  Deval Patrick, Hillary, Kerry, Napolitano and Eric Holder all need you to play fools again,…as America did during the murder trial of OJ Simpson.

They need you to focus on the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, – and not on what they’re continuing to do to your state and your country – and to your kids’ futures! 

So,…you gonna let them?  You gonna play the fools?


JUSTICE!    Friday, 15 May 2015   Dipshit Tsarnaev sentenced by a federal jury in Massachusetts – to DEATH! Can we first baptize him – in bacon grease?

Death for Dzhokhar

3 Responses to “And Now…The Aftermath…”

  1. Casey Chapman

    If it was up to Patrick, instead of Boston’s finest, the shooters would still be at large. He wants us to live in fear, and leave it up to him to get rid of the bad guys. Something he’s not built for. If Massachusett’s gun laws were not so strict, the citizens could have caught the bad guys a lot quicker. Of course, that would have embarrassed the authorities. Can’t have that, can we???

  2. Varvara

    Oops, not facing Mecca….and in Beth Israel Hospital.

  3. Walter Knight

    What happens now? Liberals will agonize about a fair trial. The ACLU will take the side of the terrorists. The media will say the Tsarnaev family had a hard life. Politicians will blame the FBI, rather than our immigration policies.

    And, Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s widow will collect Social Security survivor’s bennefits. Maybe. His application for citizenship was put on hold.

    It seems to me that the family of a terrorist or traitor killed in a police shootout should get nothing.