And Now MoonBeam Makes Five

Posted July 21st, 2014 by Iron Mike

The party of cradle-to-grave government dependency, [aka the Bumbling Lying Buffoons who can’t get anything right – including their cover-stories…] is already searching for their 2016 Standard Bearer.
the 2016 Democrat Wannabes
Today Drudge speculated that 2-time California Governor MoonBeam is in the hunt. All together, there isn’t a shred of honor or American Patriotism or respect for our Constitution between them.

When have any one of them told the truth?

The funny [sad] part: Many Democrats will be deeply torn trying to choose between them.

4 Responses to “And Now MoonBeam Makes Five”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    This list of potential candidates, all vying for the title of the most progressive, and this will be used quite indiscriminately by The Democrats from now going forward, to be followed by “socialist” and ultimately their goal, “communist”. Those that immediately fall into the later party nomenclature are Clinton, Warren and M. Obama. The others have not yet attained that level of ideology. Brown, once a Jesuit novitiate, is a Catholic, or whatever, in the same devotional category as Kerry, Biden and Pelosi, they should all be excommunicated. Kerry and Biden have had so much Botox, their brains have been adversely effected. The Dem convention should really be a circus, remember 1968.

  2. Varvara

    Pilosi has had so much botox and face lifts she looks like a clown with those painted on eyebrows half way up her forehead.

  3. Hawk1776

    The democratic cupboard looks surprisingly bare. All that is left is a bevy of loony left pretenders:

    Kerry – A pompous ass who has OD’d on botox

    Brown – A recycled hippy. He’s done such a swell job with California (again).

    Warren – Way, way out there on the left. She makes Eugene McCarthy look like a moderate

    Biden – A buffoon. He only looks good when compared to Obama.

    Clinton – Hillary and Bill come as a pair. Do you want Bill in charge for another four years?

    Michelle – This is a joke, right?

    If the Republicans can find one candidate that will appeal to their base and to moderates they should waltz into the White House. Otherwise pick your poison.

  4. Casey Chapman

    A good shotgun would take care of the lot of them.