And Now – Jihad In Australia

Posted September 18th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Police in Sidney Australia arrested some 15 ISIS wannabes and agents – who were well into their planning for some public beheadings – like that of Drummer Rigby in London last November.
ISIS arrested in Australia

Muslims have been moving to Australia for 40+ years, and have been acting increasingly obnoxious. Now authorities estimate that some 500 of them have traveled to the Middle East to join in Jihad. Some have begun returning – to continue their evil work.

Australian ISIS fighter recruiting video

The group  of 15 arrested today were about to commit public beheadings – to spread the message of terror – and to encourage other Australian Muslims to rise up.

This has already happened in England.Drummer Lee Rigby beheaded

In America we have a similar problem. Brendan Tevlin was murdered in cold blood – shot 8 times while stopped at a red light in New Jersey – by Ali Muhammad Brown [who has also confessed to killing 3 men in Seattle].

Brendan Tevlin

And – if you think about it, it’s been with us for awhile, – even if Mister Obama calls it ‘workplace violence’

Fort Hood Massacre

As if domestic [i.e. “Home Grown”] Jihads aren’t enough, Mister Obama has left our Southern Border W-I-D-E OPEN!

Where Obama's Fence ENDS

We have to conclude, – either Obama doesn’t recognize Islamic Jihad as a problem, – or,…he welcomes it….

5 Responses to “And Now – Jihad In Australia”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    What will it take for this administration to admit that the Islamofascists have infiltrated our country, are training in cells all over the United State and Canada and are just waiting for the right opportunity to strike when and where we least expect it. Where is the Justice Department, have we heard from Eric Holder, who is investigation Ferguson? We are all at risk, we are responsible for our own protection and if you do not recognize this you are at your own peril.

  2. Hawk1776

    I’d like to know who’s investigating Eric Holder.

  3. Walter Knight

    I like that terrorist wannabies travel to Iraq and Syria. I hope they are ground up in the meat grinder.

  4. Varvara

    Cronulla Beach, Sidney, 2005, was the scene of mass rioting. There were a couple of girlfriends at the beach when some Lebanese young men thought that the girls were not modest enough and berated them. The girls got on the cell phone and called their boyfriends, who called more friends to come help. The Lebanese lads called some of their friends and so on…. This continued for almost two weeks involving 1500 people with 15 police hurt.

    There have been many incidents such as this over several years. Therefore the Sidney Police went out 800 strong to arrest these thugs.

    At the same time, Dec. 2005, Paris was burning with 700 cars
    on fire and rioting by some unhappy young men.

  5. Kojack

    David Cameron, the PM of the U.K., has already stated that a law was passed barring any jihadis with British passports from returning to Britain after fighting on behalf of ISIS. Michelle Bachman asked the FBI if the U.S. was going to follow suit regarding ISIS fighters possesing U.S. passports and was told no because “they have rights”.

    Jeff Kuhner had an excellent show this morning outlining the muslim strategy for world domination and how related current events fit into their plan.