Anarchy Set In Motion For 2020 Election

Posted June 1st, 2020 by Iron Mike

Protests,  riots,  looting,  arson,  even murder – across our nation is not a response to the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  This has been planned, rehearsed, – and is being paid for…

While many of the participants caught up in the emotions of the moment ~ believe ~ they are engaging in “legitimate protests”,  – they are the useful idiots of the mastermind who hates our country.  They are mere cannon fodder….

The RUSSIAN COLLUSION hoax failed.  The Ukrainian Phone Call Whistleblower Impeachment failed. Our economy was BOOMING,  – unemployment was the LOWEST EVER!

Welfare rolls were shrinking as people went to work.   Trump was holding huge rallies every week.


We needed social distancing,  – then masks , – then the liberal-run states went into TOTAL LOCKDOWN.  Toilet paper became scarce,  food deliveries irregular,  – livestock was being slaughtered…?

BUT then Trump mobilized the Government and partnered with Private Industry,  – and he DID FLATTEN THE CURVE! More WINNING!

And we began to understand that Doctors Fauci and Birx were closely tied to both the Hillary Cartel and the Chinese….  We began to sense we were being had…

As Creepy Slow Joe looked ever more senile – even dangerous – every day,  – it was time to institute the MASTER PLAN….

The death of George Floyd was most likely not a part of the plot,  – just a statistical inevitability…something the plotters knew would happen somewhere in some big city.

The event down in rural Georgia wasn’t inflaming the emotional college kids,  – perhaps because there was soon video of Ahmaud Arbery arrested and admitting to stealing a flat screen TV;  – so a more sympathetic martyr was needed.  George Floyd!

The death of Floyd is both senseless and tragic.  The cop involved will be lucky to survive in prison, – the other three who failed to stop him should also serve time.

But the State of Minnesota can handle the investigation and the trial.  Setting our nation ablaze to get “Justice” is as big a hoax as the Russian Collusion…or the nationwide lockdown…

UNLESSthe REAL GOAL is to defeat Trump in November, – and install a Puppet President…

Minneapolis Sunday Night, 31 May:

Americans,  we’re in for an UGLY VIOLENT SUMMER!

You are NOT SAFE in your suburban neighborhoods.

GET ARMED!  Ammo UP!  Be ALERT!  There are only so many cops;  – they can’t be everywhere.  Your life and your home may depend on what YOU can do – in an instant.

Do you think the contents of people’s safety deposit boxes survived?

2 Responses to “Anarchy Set In Motion For 2020 Election”

  1. W Larry

    Please make no mistake on this however, once the cat is really out of the bag and the decent majority of American citizens see clearly that this is war, it will be a slaughter initially. These deluded minions of the leftist globalists like antifa, BLM, the pink pussy-hats along with the globalist-imported armies of illegals, chinese spies and muslims will fall like flies. Their elimination along with the decent, patriotic Americans that they take with them is part of the globalist’s plan to remove America from dominance and reduce commoner populations. The elitists will be protected from any harm if this war occurs. From the safety of their fortified homes, they incite half the commoners to kill the other half through their communist media.

    ​History’s repetition is certainly a true saying. The first American Civil War was fought over slavery, so shall this 2nd one be fought over slavery. Ironically with the same sides. The democrats (more specifically the political “left” leaders) as the slave owners and the conservative-minded trying to free them all over again.

  2. John Pagel

    Hopefully the virus will clean up the gene pool.

    § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § §

    The virus is only killing off the geezers. The breeding idiot stock seems to be mostly immune.