An Un-Presidential Squabble in Vegas

Posted October 18th, 2011 by Iron Mike

To his credit and my surprise CNN’s Anderson Cooper did a good job tonight.

Eight candidates [Huntsman boycotted] mostly attacked Perry, Cain, and Romney. At times it looked and sounded like a schoolyard squabble, ‘You did to. ‘Did not!

Perry got booed a couple of times. Herman was cheered a couple of times. Ron Paul seems somewhat out of touch with reality. Bachmann seems shrill in these debate settings. 

Romney said that in Massachusetts we like RomneyCare – so you know he’s a liar. What sounded like ‘on cue’ reaction causes me to believe that he’d managed to pack the room with cheerleaders.

Only Newt remained calm, focused, statesmanlike and presidential.

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