An Off-Duty Cop, His Chief, & The Sheriff

Posted April 24th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Funny how people SWORN to UpholdProtect,  and Defend our Constitution can’t seem to stand their ground (OUR GROUND) when the left is screaming in their faces….

It started in Greensburg – with an anti-gun “March for our Lives” event,…and an off-duty reserve police officer standing across the street in silent protest…with his dog….

Of course there were pictures published,  and republished with snotty left-wing comments,  and complaints to the Chief about how COULD he let one of his officers be seen in public with “an ASSAULT WEAPON”?

Ever notice how often remarks by leftists come with gay sexual innuendos and slurs?

Rostraver Township Police Chief Greg Resetar is “reviewing the events”…

The Westmoreland County Sheriff Jonathan Held thereupon held his own rally – attended by lots of well-armed citizens,  – and sent forth word that if things went poorly for Officer Martin Palla,  – there was a job waiting for him in the Sheriff’s office.

Alas,  things are never that simple….the Sheriff has big problems of his own.

He’s been in court recently answering felony charges….

It seems he may have mistaken a couple of his lackey toady deputies as personal friends when he asked them to help collect some campaign contributions, – – which they did (on duty time) before turning him in…

It’s the EXACT blunder dozens – maybe hundreds of sheriffs across the land make each election cycle,  – asking subordinates to collect money,  to attend events,  to stand with them in campaign photos,  and hold signs on election day.

Most do it because they either genuinely support the Sheriff,  – or because they know the challenger would be a far worse boss….

So today Sheriff Held is under siege,  – even as he stands for your God-given rights as guaranteed by our 1st and 2nd Amendments.

Here are a couple of examples of MassHole Democrat Sheriffs and their toadies doing politics – on the clock:

One Response to “An Off-Duty Cop, His Chief, & The Sheriff”

  1. Sherox

    Yes, he did wrong. So do the Democrats and they pay nothing for when they do the same. Either we demand that there is one standard, meaning if one of ours has to go for this then one of theirs has to go for the same, or no one ever has to pay for such wrongdoing.