An Honest Wisconsin Judge RULES!

Posted January 14th, 2020 by Iron Mike

This case will set precedent and have reverberations nationwide. At issue is the refusal of the Wisconsin Election Commission to remove from their rolls some 209,000 missing voters,  – until AFTER the 2020 election

The Judge just got VERY TOUGH with the Commission,  and with three Democrats on that Commission.

The Commission has been going through the motions (slowly),  – they sent out a standard letter to registered voters with no recent activity,  – warning that a lack of response would result in removal from the rolls.

BUT, they had no intention of removing those names until AFTER the 2020 Presidential Election.  They didn’t want to see Trump reelected , – and 209,000 names are just oh-so-tempting…. (It’s the way Democrats always operate…)

Judge Paul Malloy sees it differently!  He held the Commission in Contempt,  – ordered the purge to begin immediately,  – and fined the Commission $50 / day for each day of delay.

THEN he fined each of the three Democrats $250.oo / day for each day of non-compliance“I can’t be any clearer than this, – they need to follow my order!”

And he refused to allow the Wisconsin League of Women Voters to join the suit on behalf of the Commission…as they were sniveling that “…somebody might not get to vote…”.

Judge Malloy is no fool;  – he knows full well that the LWV is just a front organization of the corrupt Democrat Party.

You see Folks,  Democraps are still pissed,  – because Wisconsin was one of those states Dems were taking for granted in 2016,  – so much that sick, tired, lame Hillary didn’t bother to go there and campaign.   Maybe Paul Ryan assured her she was going to ‘Win BIG’?. 

4 Responses to “An Honest Wisconsin Judge RULES!”

  1. Sherox

    That’s great news!

  2. Kojack

    This story is encouraging. It’s too bad that they stole NH and VA in 2016.

  3. panther 6

    We could use a few decisions like that in Florida! If the powers that be are worried about meddling/tampering with our elections they should look closer at our elected and deep state officials.

  4. GreenBeretLTC

    My concern in Florida is the 1.6 million-plus felons to whom in 2018 the compassionate voters of my adopted state returned the right to vote. And sadly, given who the majority of those cons are, I can’t imagine there are very many conservatives among them.

    Granted, there are conditions such as completion of post-confinement house confinement, probation, and payment of court costs and restitution prerequesite to exercising the franchise, but the liberturds have already challenged those conditions as a poll tax or otherwise discriminatory.

    And lastly, given the current governor defeated his opponent by a slight, 33,000+ margin, even a small percentage of that 1.6+ could be a state-flipper and there goes the 29 electoral votes.

    This is scary…..