An Employee This Inept – You’d Fire!

Posted September 30th, 2013 by Iron Mike

After 4? years of OJT,  you’d think he’d have learned a thing or two.   Naaah! Calling the Twelvers
Obama proves every day he only good at one simple task – blaming everybody else in the schoolyard.   Right now his plate is so full his teleprompter can’t be re-loaded fast enough – and he’s finding it hard to get an audience.

Most thinking Americans have tuned him out – just as they have the MSM.  So blaming Republicans only works with his loyal MoonBat fringe – and his attempt to go to war with Syria turned a lot of them off.

OVERLOAD!  Look at the problems Obama has to deal with today:  Syria, the UN, Putin and Russia, Iran and their Atomic Bomb, a government shutdown, the looming $17 Trillion Debt Ceiling, foreign nations pissed at NSA spying, Americans pissed at NSA spying,  the IRS Scandal,  Benghazi,  Fast & Furious,  his doofus SecState Kerry’s big mouth,  his VP’s big mouth,  Hillary Clinton’s back-stabbing maneuvers,  ObamaCare unready for rollout, …

How can he blame all this on Bush, the TEA Party, Fox, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity?

The Iranians have been watching,  they see his ineptitude, – his inability to grasp facts or learn from mistakes, – his narcissist’s ego, – and they’re playing him like a fiddle!

They need time, and they need the sanctions lifted. So they pretend to be a ‘kinder, gentler Iran’. Hassan Rouhani whispers that their leader has issued a “Fatwa against the Bomb”.

Obama takes the bait!

HE, – and ONLY HE– can achieve a breakthrough that no president before him could.
Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

MOST LIKELY OUTCOME:  Iran will get the Bomb – thanks to oBomba!  Israel will have to act.

 WH ObamaCare YouTube
Meanwhile, the Obama White House is reduced to trying to sell it’s unpopular ObamaCare with a cartoon movie on the White House Website.

Desert One

In my memory,  this is a much lower point than when Jimmy Carter announced that the rescue attempt had failed.

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  1. Casey Chapman

    Obama is a school yard bully. He reverts to this behavior every time.