An Arrest In West Virginia

Posted April 21st, 2013 by Iron Mike

8th Grader hauled off to jail for an NRA T-Shirt?  Yup!!
WV Tshirt

Just when you think things cannot get more bizarre and surreal, – West Virginia 8th grader Jared Marcum gets tossed out of school – and into jail– for wearing an NRA t-shirt.  In our USA?!?

More bizarre? It’s NOT even mentioned on the school’s dress code!
Ask Principal Ernestine Sutherland at:

Sheriff CrumI can only guess that folks ~ might ~ be a tad nervous; – just a week ago nearby Mingo County Sheriff Eugene Crum was shot to death while eating lunch in his patrol car.

Sheriff Crum was tough on drugs, – and they do grow some marijuana in the hills of West Virginia….

His killer – Tennis Melvin Maynard – was chased into Logan, – where he crashed and was arrested. 

But this hardly justifies jailing an 8th grader over a t-shirt!

So,…are we looking at a ‘ZERO TOLERANCE’ policy gone way too far, – or a ZERO BRAINS principal promoted way too far?

West Virginia’s two Democratic US Senators:

Joe Manchin [replaced Robert Byrd Nov 2010202 224-3954
Jay Rockefeller [in office since 1985202 224-6472

    BOTH are former West Virginia governors…

I called BOTH their DC offices – seeking a statement.  When the phone didn’t ring – I KNEW it was them returning my call…

UPDATE: Monday 22 April Jared returned to school wearing the SAME t-shirt – as did many students across Logan County!  If only Republicans had his kind of courage!

Judge O'BriantUPDATE: 16 June – – Jared appeared in court on the 13th, – was officially charges with obstructing an officer – and the judge [who clearly lacks judgment] allowed the prosecution to move forward with the case.  Next court date is July 11th.  Jared faces $500 fine and a year in the clink.

UPDATE: 27 June  Circuit Judge Eric O’Briant dismisses all charges!

4 Responses to “An Arrest In West Virginia”

  1. Walter Knight

    Charged with what? Being a Republican out of Season? Unless he got mouthy, I don’t see the problem wearing the T-Shirt.

  2. Casey Chapman

    This is PCism run amok. There is a twitter account with a hash tag that says to FREE the bombing suspect!!!!!!!!!!! OMG,OMG,OMG.
    I realize that the bible says to forgive your enemies, but this is a bit beyond the pale. I can only imagine what this kid thinks of the government now.


    Hey Casey,

    If things go for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev the way they did for Bill Ayers, the government will ‘botch’ the case, – set him free,…

    …and he’ll end up teaching at a major university – and being the ‘special friend’ of a future foreign-born US President….

  3. Walter Knight

    Our local college (Grays Harbor Community College) paid for Angela Davis to speak to students. Criminals and liberals are making a living on tax payer funded speaking tours.

    Davis was also paid to speak at a local prison.

  4. Paul J Baldi

    Hope his parents hire a good lawyer who will sue
    for violation of First Amendment rights, as they may
    have been ok sending him home from school, but arresting
    him just for wearing the shirt is too much. And to think
    this happened in W. Virginia! Wow.