An American Patriot Destroys A Commie

Posted July 13th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Illinois Congressman Jesus “Chuy” Garcia is from Mexico – and has very divided loyalties.  He’s really not a Democrat,  – he’s an outright commie.  Here he tries to make a point about our Border Patrol,  and runs into a buzz saw!

This was the House Oversight and Reform Committee,  – and this was a very long day. 2 more videos:

Earlier, AOC thinks she’s got Homan in her cross-hairs.  He bats her aside leaving her speechless.


Democrats have ZERO INTEREST if ‘fixing’ the immigration problem.  They believe that an unlimited supply of Mexican and Central American ‘refugees’ will all end up voting for Democrats,  – many as early as November 2020.  They see this as “only fair”…

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