An American Christmas Icon

Posted December 25th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Christmas 1971 Bob came to Phu Bai.  My Pathfinder section was privileged to move his show from C-130s to Hueys and Chinooks for their flight into Camp Eagle.  Even then I had tears in my eyes as I shook his hand and welcomed and thanked this legendary hero.

2 Responses to “An American Christmas Icon”

  1. DannaP

    Thanks for posting this IronMike! Love Bob Hope and his dedication to our troops!

  2. jim van epps

    hello ironmike,
    loved the bob hope clip. i was at the bob hope christmas tour in phu bai, december 24th 1971 where the 101st airborne were. my mos was 84charlie mopic. i filmed the show with an arriflex 16mm camera for the department of the army. also used an old filmo camera. i was an e-4 at the time. will never forget when silent night was sang. i also had tears in my eyes. what bob hope did for the troops will never be equalled. i remember watching one chinook land and the big doors dropping and many of stars exiting walking arm in arm and smiling. i will never forget that day. bob hope will always be my hero.
    and thank you for delivering him safely.