Amy Klobuchar In The Deer Stand

Posted February 21st, 2019 by Iron Mike

She held a Town Hall at Saint Anselm’s in New Hampshire – hosted (of course) by CNN.  Her answer to a question on school shootings took her to her Uncle Dick’s Minnesota deer stand….

I shit you NOT!    Video below the fold….

The entire video is an hour long,  and you can move the slider if you want to listen to all or parts of it.

But in just 90 seconds she proves she has NO CLUE about what our Constitution is about, – or why our Founders gave us our 2nd Amendment….   Utterly pathetic!

Ask yourselves Americans.….why is it that Democrats / Liberals / Progressives / Socialists have such a POOR GRASP of History, – and event the ones with “Law Degrees” and those in Government…fail to connect the dots…?

2 Responses to “Amy Klobuchar In The Deer Stand”

  1. Ben

    She was on fox tv the other night (Bret Baier show)and she tried her best to play nice. You could tell she was trying to separate her self from the rest of the pack but she is phony just like the rest of her ilk.

  2. panther 6

    Another classic demorat whose elevator does not go all the way to the top! Yet she is a candidate for our top elected office; is this a great country or what!!! God help us as we sure don’t seem to be able to help ourselves.