America’s Pravda: Our Fake News Industry

Posted June 27th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Once again the James O’Keefe team goes undercover to expose blatant fraud,  – this time in the CNN “news” organization.

Thinking Americans have known for decades how phony CNN is,  – how skewed their reporting is,….O’Keefe delivers the PROOFin their own words.   They’ve been producing the “news” their audience wants to hear…. 9 minute video:

If you know somebody who still watches CNN,  – show them this and laugh at them!

It seems the Trump White House has seen this Veritas video!

3 Responses to “America’s Pravda: Our Fake News Industry”

  1. Integrity1st

    The scariest thing to me right now is what Mueller is doing. Can’t we show the world how 4 innocent men went to jail for decades on something the FBI knew was not true and set them up for? and show how Mueller did NOTHING about it and taxpayers paid over $170 million for this? Now we will spend tenfold that while he goes after Trump?

  2. Sonny's Mom


  3. Mt Woman

    The absolute worst thing that could happen to Democrats, liberals and the progressive movement is to have President Trump succeed. They have to STOP him and thwart his forward momentum at every step. Best way to do this is through a helpless and flawed press/media that continues to drive a false narrative of Republican and administrative failures and dysfunction. Unless the press-media and its ruinous agenda is exposed by James O’Keefe, the White House media staff and Donald himself via tweets and a few other honest outlets, the truth won’t get out. God help America, God Bless America and our President.