America’s Most Stupid Voters Live Here!

Posted May 27th, 2015 by Iron Mike

They live in New England, – and they vote by skin color, gender, sexual orientation, – and fad issues.New England's Stupid Voters
They’ve done Black [4 times] and Gay [for decades], – now they’re going to do Lesbian.  Hilary’s trail of dead bodies just doesn’t matter – they want a woman!  Hillary’s Lesbian thing is a definite bonus!

Freedom” and “Liberty” have evolved strangely in New England.

Anything Marijuana and Muslim is good, to be campaigned for, – vigorously.

But get all other religions, crosses, Christmas trees, and those damned ‘commandments’ out of the schools, public buildings, and off any city or town logo.

Those are ‘Winterfest trees’, and Easter shall now be called “Spring Weekend”.

And because we want to be inclusive, let’s add a couple of Muslim ‘holy days’ to the school and town calendar!  Because it’s just so appropriate to celebrate Mohammed raping women and children, and beheading men!

Guns are bad – they kill people.  And the Death Penalty is cruel and unusual – because somehow – someday – Mucko McDermott, Neil Entwistle, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev can be ‘rehabilitated’ and ‘returned as productive citizens’,…

– and because ~ somehow ~ life behind bars is cheaper and more of a deterrent than a firing squad?

New England’s stupid voters somehow believe that anywhere between 11 million and 20 million new immigrants [preferably undocumented] from Mexico,  Africa,  the Middle East,  and South Asia will make life easier for America’s inner city Black and Hispanic single-parent families.

And asking for ID when issuing an EBT card or a ballot would be both an unfair burden on poor people – and innately racist…   And if only the rich would pay their fair share…

Yet,...somehow,…New England’s stupid voters never seem to voluntarily pay any additional taxes to fund all those worthwhile causes they believe in.

Their elected Democrats are very good at carving out loopholes for unions and officeholders though.

Benghazi?   Where is that?  You can’t blame Hillary for that – she wasn’t there!

Hillary and Dead Bodies

Iraq?  Clearly George Bush’s fault!  Obama had nothing to do with it?

Trains didn’t run during the Blizzard?  MORE MONEY!!

National Debt over $18.2 TRILLION?  You silly Republicans just don’t understand Economics; – the Fed can always print more money!

ONLY New England Democrats think government jobs add to the economy, – and that a Harvard professor making $350K for teaching one class [on bankruptcy] is a working-class champion.

New England Democrats spend a lot of time worrying about ‘Class’,  – as if they were still back in Europe…

National Defense?  Our military will be stronger with gays and transgenders serving openly. Rape is the major issue, – and those damned Christians praying all the time, – making people feel uncomfortable.  ISIS won’t come here – we won’t let them. Besides, thanks to Niki, – we have comfortable body armor for our lady soldiers.

And please stop trying to make us feel guilty about abortion!  Better those Black babies be aborted – than end up shooting each other in the streets…

Most of the Obama signs have been scraped off New England’s Prii, and so far we’re not seeing many Hillary signs. But the MoonBats are out there – in large colonies – just waiting for a full moon….

I just saw my State Rep this weekend at the Memorial Day Ceremony. Since she first won elected office she appears to have packed on about 50 pounds. I guess they eat well down on Bacon Hill…

Jen Benson  Bob DeLeo

She’s going to need a bigger chair – and a wider door on her office.

It was a stark reminder of how politics work in New England. You get elected once and you’re in for life – growing while in office, – sort of like Bob Deleo,…unless you’re name is Scott Brown.

Given how big Hillary is today, – we can only wonder what she’ll look like running for re-election in 2020….

Hillary 2015

Will Bill still be chasing White House interns and porn stars?

Clinton With Porn Stars

Yeah, that’s your future “First Gentleman” – posing with three famous porn stars. How very dignified…   No national security issues here…..

5 Responses to “America’s Most Stupid Voters Live Here!”

  1. KarenG

    I have often thought how sad, and ironic, that the historical birthplace of our once great nation, so valiantly fought for by astute and selfless patriots, has become the cesspool of liberal vomit that New England is today. Where once there lived brave, hard working, and honest citizens, there resides now a simpering conglomerate of whiny, lazy, and dishonest losers. Blecch.

  2. Iron Mike

    That Freedom and Liberty stuff turns out to be hard work Karen.

    You have to pay attention to the NEWS, – pay attention to what the various levels of GOVT are doing [not what they’re saying], and you have to maintain your standing in the Well-Regulated Militia….

    All of that is damn-near impossible when you’re high on marijuana.

    Suddenly it’s FAR EASIER just to be a ward of the Govt – either with a government job or an EBT card….

  3. Walter Knight

    In the Warrant Beatty political movie “Bulworth” (1998) Beatty let slip the liberals’ position on every issue: America has too many white people.

  4. Mark

    As I was at a cookout over the weekend, I had many conversations. Mainstream media has done an amazing job making mindless zombies out of anyone who watches.

  5. Hawk1776

    Unfortunately for too many people “hard work” is something other people do. It’s far easier to vote for a candidate desperate to win an election, and then wait for the government-sponsored handouts. The days of the Protestant Ethic are long gone. How many kids make money by shoveling snow nowadays? My first job was bringing in hay for a buck an hour in Western Massachusetts. The state has convinced people they are entitled to cradle to grave support. Why work when the checks arrive every month?