America’s Most Dangerous Woman

Posted March 25th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Napolitano 2 Billion
They plan to let her! 

We’ve reported on this several times – and EACH TIME Napolitano and DHS stonewall, – then buy more bullets.  The numbers are staggering. They already have enough bullets to shoot each American 4 times.  Now they’ll have enough to shoot each of us 5 times.

This is way beyond ‘target practice’ or training, – this smells of genocide.

As Congress-pukes Ed Markey and Stephen Lynch campaign around the state looking to occupy the void Kerry failed to create, – ask them what explanation they’ve been given.

Markey won’t know what you’re talking about – and won’t care.

Lynch will try to pretend he knows.

As I used to say when I briefed my troops in Vietnam:  

‘If sweat isn’t rolling down the crack of your ass right now,
– you clearly don’t understand how dangerous this situation is!’

Hollow-points [or ‘dum-dums’] are outlawed for use in war by soldiers.  They are legal for civilians in certain situations, – like home defense. 

My wildest imagination cannot envision US Government homeland defense forces using dum-dums on our own citizens, and certainly not over 1 billion of them.  Now Janet will have nearly 2 billion…?

Is she expecting an invasion by zombie aliens?

2 Responses to “America’s Most Dangerous Woman”

  1. Walter Knight

    A military bullet tumbles when it hits a body, causing a big gash. A hollow point bullet mushrooms, creating the same affect. No big deal. Hollow points are actually safer because if the shooter misses, the bullet won’t ricochet so much, or go through a body to hit another.

    Stop it. You harm your credibility (and all conservatives) spouting wild conspiracy theories. If the government has bought more bullets than it needs, it only means departments had money left over at the end of the budget year. Spend it or lose it happens all the time. Or, it means that weapon manufacturers donated campaign money, and are being rewarded with a payback. Follow the money.

    If you’re breaking out in sweats over this issue, take a chill pill. Don’t go Waco.

  2. Walter Knight

    So than no one thinks I’m just talking out my ass with memories of my beloved M-16, I too worry about a zombie-alien invasion. That has to be it. It’s genocide in the making.