Americans, Your pResident Is INSANE!

Posted December 1st, 2015 by Iron Mike

STUNNING:  Obamaforgets’ THREE (3) Paris attacks….?
Obama in paris mass shooting
If we needed any more proof that he is insane,  listen as Obama claims that “…mass shootings just don’t happen in other countries”,  – just 18 days after the last one – and just 2 days after he laid a rose….

Obama ignores FACTS

OR,…since they were Islamist Terrorists Attacks [he refuses to call them that] does he think they somehow don’t count…?

Charlie Hebdo cover7 January11 people killed in the Charlie Hebdo attack

8 & 9 January5 people including a policeman killed by Amedy Coulibaly [pledged to ISIS] in Montrouge and the Porte de Vincennes Jewish deli.

13 November – six-prong attack kills 130 people, – with mass casualties at the Bataclan Theater – where people were trapped like rats and slaughtered.

How does an American Commander-in-Chief and chief foreign policy officer of our country forget these three (3) recent mass shootings – while standing as a guest in the capital of the victimized nation?

Is he detached,…denying the obvious for his anti-gun agenda,…suffering delusions,…or just certifiably batshit insane?

It is time for Joe Biden to exercise his duties and prerogatives under Section 4 of our 25th Amendment – and declare Obama unfit and “…unable to carry discharge the powers and duties of his office…”

It is time to end the madness of the Obama Regime…

How much lower will he sink our national image?

BTW,   did you hear that while in Paris he asked Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdo?an to close his border with Syria,  – and Erdo?an asked him how his border with Mexico was doing…?  He’s getting ZERO respect…

5 Responses to “Americans, Your pResident Is INSANE!”

  1. Varvara

    Yup, I agree. He also likes the spotlight. All the world leaders made speeches that were 3 mins. Not 0bama. His lasted 14 mins., with several warnings that he was running over. The warnings were 3 bells. The producers started giving him warnings at 6 mins. He just ignored them and continued talking. The whole auditorium heard the bells. Our MSM ignored the bell part, didn’t mention it.

    If Biden steps in he will have a clear path to November……

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Never let the facts deter your anti gun narrative. His two major issues, as he has stated many times, Climate Change Legislation and Gun Control legislation. No matter what happens he will not be moved off his course, ISIS/ISIL is just a distraction, the refugee invaders are just a distraction, every thing is a distraction that gets in his way.

  3. Hawk1776

    On the bright side, it proves that anyone, and I mean anyone, can become President.

  4. CA fruits and nuts

    Never thought I’d say that it appears that even France has a better leader than we! I’m sure we are the laughingstock of the world. He just insulted hundreds of people who died in France. I’m glad that the French reporters were livid and calling him some pretty bad names! He deserves every one of them! He is an arrogant POS!

  5. kojack

    Remember he is a mUuslim doing the bidding of mUslims. The “climate change” BS is a distraction from uMslim empowerment which is the jihadi candidate’s true agenda. He knows exactly what he is doing.